…is what Mona Saenz made when she was diagnosed with Graves Disease in 2012. The disease had already taken a major toll on Saenz’s body by the time she was diagnosed, and surgery was inevitable. In spring of 2013, just four months after giving birth to a son, Saenz entered the hospital for a thyroidectomy. What should have been a simple procedure and an overnight stay turned into a month in ICU. Saenz’s body began to shut down. She couldn’t walk, or talk. At one point she was administered her last rites. It wasn’t until her primary physician forced her medical team to change her protocol...

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Ready or not, Valentine’s Day is right around the corner and we recommend wearing your heart on your sleeve—or your legs, or your feet….Check out all the cute ways we found to show your workout wardrobe some love this Valentine’s Day!


…is that it is never easy. I have a client who came to me about six months ago, overweight and ready to take control of her life and health. Since committing to herself, she has put in hours of work, stayed focused, determined and (most importantly) positive in her quest to lose weight and lead a healthy, active life. Her progress is visible and impressive, so when a “friend” suggested they go shopping together once she “lost some more weight,” instead of celebrating the progress she had already made, my client was a little hurt and confused.

Sadly, this is...


Streaming workouts from the comfort of your own home is one of the hottest fitness trends that shows no signs of slowing down. Leading the trend is Peloton with their coveted state of the art stationary bikes and treadmills featuring large screens that let you stream live or on-demand classes anywhere, any time.

As an avid indoor cyclist and cycle instructor, I’ve been curious. I’m a highly competitive person who thrives on the energy of a dark cycle studio filled with sweaty bodies, so I wondered how taking a virtual cycle class at home alone would work for...


If you (like us) require several “costume changes” to get through your day, you (like us) probably have a lot of bags to hold all your stuff. We may have a slight addiction to bags, but we couldn’t help but pick up one more when we saw these cute, colorful designs from Delgado NYC. Created to organize your “daily junk” and be easy to spot in the abyss of your gym bag they are one of our new favorite things.

We sat down with the Texas born designer Jerry Delgado (who “daylights” in financial services marketing) for a Q& A—check it out below


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With New Year's resolutions in full effect I’m sure a lot of us are paying closer attention to what we’re eating, For me, that means trying to minimize the amount of processed sugars I consume. I have a very sensitive stomach and exposing it to gluten, dairy and artificial sugars creates a domino effect of negative consequences that I despise dealing with. Because of this I have to really watch what I eat, but on the flip side it sparks my interest in finding new foods that are nutritious, tasty and won’t cause an eruption in my stomach.

My partner is the general manager in training...

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I'll be the first to admit that I have an addiction to luxury sports brands. I believe you get what you pay for and if it's going to affect my body and its performance, I want the best. My interest lately is athletic footwear. I enjoy shoes that are both functional and fashionable, allowing me to share some of my personal flair and style through the design.

For the past few months I've been curious about the APL brand that I spotted on the Lululemon website. What intrigued me is why Lululemon would sell a brand that wasn't their own. I figured it must be an incredible shoe, but at...


One of the biggest mistakes we see people make when it comes to getting their diets in check is jumping on the latest fad bandwagon in an effort to find that magic bullet for weight loss---especially this time of year! In an effort to kick-start their resolutions, people tend to go on highly restrictive diets without researching whether or not the plan is sustainable—or even healthy for that matter. The bottom line is that there is no “quick fix” to a healthy lifestyle. You have to put in the work—and you have to make it work for...

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Ask anyone who my favorite female artist is and they’d probably say Madonna. But while it’s true that I’ve been a Madonna SUPER FAN since she first burst on the scene in all her rebellious 80s glory, the correct answer to that question is actually Alanis Morissette. The woman is a poet and a lyrical genius. Her songs come from such an honest place and speak to everything from feminine power and strength to heartache, redemption, anger, peace and happiness in a way that has always resonated deeply with me. And her public quest for balance, her struggles with depression, anxiety, and letting...


Happy New Year! We know that many of you have made resolutions for things you want to accomplish in 2019--and we have too. In this month's He Said/She Said, we're sharing three of our resolutions and the steps we are taking to make them a reality. We invite you to share yours in the comments and if we can help you reach any of them, please let us know--let's make this our best year ever!


We’ve made our list, checked it twice, and now we’re bringing it to you! It’s time for the 2018 edition of our 12 Days of Fitmas Gift Guide filled with fabulous gift ideas for the fitness fanatics on your list.

The best part? Many of these gifts are available at a special discount just for BA readers from now through Dec 25. Because it’s fun to give—but receiving is pretty great too! Merry Christmas!