Influencer: A word used by Instagram users to describe themselves to make them feel famous and more important.

While this definition from Urban Dictionary makes me giggle, the sad reality is that there are a lot of people who just “do it for the gram” in the hopes of becoming Insta famous. This is especially true in the fitness industry, where people post perfectly toned, tight tushes, bouncy breasts, flawless faces, and awe-inspiring abs with the promise that you too can look like this if you hire this trainer, take this supplement, or join this class. But will you? Do...


Like most people, I live and die by my calendar. And, like most people, my calendar is overflowing. Writing deadlines, cycle classes, training schedules, family activities, hair appointments, doctor appointments, lunches with friends….my entire life right there on my phone at my fingertips—and backed up in case (heaven forbid) I lose my phone. Some days, it can look a little overwhelming, and I find myself stressing over how to manage my time. When that happens, I try to remind myself of how lucky I am that my calendar (and my life) is full of things (and people) that I am passionate...


When it comes to training, many people (including us) tend to take the “go hard or go home,” approach. And while it’s fine to commit to something and be “all in,” sometimes going harder isn’t always the best answer when it comes to reaching your goals.

If you follow along on our social media pages, you know that both Wes and I have set some pretty big goals for ourselves this year. Wes has decided to run a full marathon in September, while I am shooting for a half-Ironman in October. Both of these events require a pretty rigorous training schedule, and while it would be nice if that...


A couple of weeks ago, one of my favorite BA clients and I were talking about colleges…where her son went, where my son would go…the usual stuff. But then she said something that stuck with me in regards to her son’s college decision. She said, “He chose the perfect school for him because it offers plenty of opportunities for him to be successful in his own space.”

“In his own space…” I’ve not been able to stop thinking about that phrase because I think so many of us waste a lot of time trying to live in other people’s spaces. What do I mean? I mean comparing, contrasting, and...


If you follow us regularly, you know that I’ve decided to take on another triathlon and I’ve been hitting the pool on a regular basis. What you probably also know is that I HATE TO SWIM. I can run and bike for hours but put me in the pool and I’m over it in 30 minutes. I find it difficult to get my breathing under control, I hate what it does to my hair and skin, and (most importantly) I find it boring as hell. But, since you can’t have a triathlon without it, I’ve decided to find ways to make it suck a little less. I’m working with a coach on my form and breath work, I’ve invested in a...


There’s an age-old expression that says, “There is no ‘I’ in team.” And, while we get the intended meaning, we have to disagree, because there is an “I” in “Individual,” and what is a team made up of if not individuals with their own strengths, skill sets, talents….and weaknesses. In fact, unless you know your own Identity (another “I” word) you can’t be a good team player.

No, we are not advocating being so self-absorbed that you can’t play well with others—in fact, quite the opposite. We are saying that just because you are part of a team, you don’t have to give...


Happy Earth Day! We love the great outdoors and you can often find us hiking in the hill country, swimming in the ocean, paddle boarding in the lakes, and cycling and running across the miles of beautiful trails and greenways that fill our beautiful city. In fact, Mother Nature makes a great “gym,” and while you don’t need to buy a membership, you do need to pay your dues by doing your part to preserve and protect our environment. Here are a few ways you can celebrate Earth Day that will keep you, and our beautiful planet happy and healthy for years to...


We don't know about you, but 2019 has started off with a bang! New clients, job promotions, more classes, more deadlines....more, more's no wonder that we get a little stressed and overwhelmed every now and then.

We have several ways we like to relieve stress, most of which involve getting outside. For Wes, that usually includes gardening and for me, a pool or beach will do the trick. Unfortunately, we can't always escape to our stress-free happy places because of jobs and family obligations, so in honor of April being National Stress Awareness Month, we decided to ask...


As any good cyclist knows, you have to be prepared for anything. That’s why the pockets of my jersey always contain the following “essentials:”

· A protein bar and Stingers for fuel.

· Gum because my mouth gets dry—and because I’m addicted to chewing gum!

· My cell phone for obvious reasons.

· Cash, Debit Card and ID in case of emergency

Annnnnd, (much to the amusement of my BodyArchitecture teammates) I will ALWAYS have my silver tube of La Prarie “Almost Pink” lipstick—not only does it keep my lips hydrated and prevent chapping in strong...


As someone who is easily bored and fears complacency, I also have a strong fear of change—which is a dichotomy in and of itself. To be clear, if I initiate the change—I’m cool. But if something changes dues to natural evolution or decisions made by someone else, I freak out a little. I realize it is largely due to my anxiety—but it actually affects me physically---I get knots in my stomach, I lose sleep, and I have a general feeling of unease that’s palpable and radiates off of me, making me a little “challenging” to be around.

For the past six months I’ve...


Between the two of us we probably have more gym bags than is absolutely necessary---but what can we say? Different bags serve different functions. Plus, we both carry A LOT of stuff including several costume changes and at least two pairs of shoes (one cycle, one training or running) so we need bags that can handle all that, plus grooming essentials, laptops and more.

My latest find is one I first discovered on one of those random Instagram ads that appear on your timeline for the New York based company, Caraa....

barbell bakery.jpg

So by now y’all know my weakness is sweets—I rarely turn down a cookie or brownie because life is short, chocolate is good, and I believe in moderation. Normally, it really isn’t an issue due to my activity level. But since being sidelined for about six months, I’ve not been able to indulge as freely as I’d like—which I realized the hard way after my favorite skinny jeans “shrunk” a little.

I recently jumped back on the macro train to get a handle on the balance between less activity and my love of food—basically to keep myself a little more accountable. So...