A Better Bowl Game

So if you read this blog with any regularity, you know that neither Wes nor I really know our way around a kitchen. Fortunately, both his partner and my husband are excellent cooks and actually enjoy it, so we’re covered!

Recently, however, I’ve been experimenting with meal prepping because when I come home from a workout hangry, and my hubby isn’t around to whip something up, I will default to the quickest thing I can get my hands on, which (I’m ashamed to admit) is often cereal—not the best choice for a post workout meal.

What I’ve discovered though through trial and error is that I can spend a couple of hours max on Sunday preparing a few staples to keep on hand, and then throw them together in endless combinations in a “power bowl.” I got the idea from the Run Fast Cook Fast Eat Slow cookbook by Shalane Flanagan and that, along with my new Instant Pot, have been really helpful in keeping me on track and away from the Frosted Flakes.

So here’s how it works—I make a large amount of quinoa and another of brown rice. Then I roast diced sweet potatoes, sauté some Tempeh and kale, and throw it all in the fridge. All I have to do is choose one of the grains, add in the other ingredients, sprinkle on some hemp hearts, microwave it for a few minutes and voila! Dinner in a bowl! What’s great about this is that I can mix and match, using store bought ingredients too. Some of my favorites included the shredded rotisserie chicken from HEB. I’ll add that to the rice along with frozen veggies and an egg for a quick, delicious stir fry. I also like crumbling up a frozen veggie burger patty and adding to the quinoa for something different. The possibilities are endless and the grains, veggies and tempeh are easy to prepare, which means I don’t spend all day Sunday in the kitchen.

I’m always looking for post workout meals that taste great and can get in my belly quickly, so if you’ve got a great go-to recipe that is easy to prep, please share below. Thanks☺