An Essential Choice…

…is what Mona Saenz made when she was diagnosed with Graves Disease in 2012. The disease had already taken a major toll on Saenz’s body by the time she was diagnosed, and surgery was inevitable. In spring of 2013, just four months after giving birth to a son, Saenz entered the hospital for a thyroidectomy. What should have been a simple procedure and an overnight stay turned into a month in ICU. Saenz’s body began to shut down. She couldn’t walk, or talk. At one point she was administered her last rites. It wasn’t until her primary physician forced her medical team to change her protocol to a focus on core health and nutrition that Saenz’s health began to turn a corner, and today you would never know that this vibrant woman had ever been ill.

No longer able to continue in her corporate career, Saenz threw herself into learning everything she could about alternative was to treat chronic pain and illness. She became intrigued with essential oils and crystals and began experimenting with creating jewelry that incorporated both. Before she knew it, Original Essential Oil Bracelets was born.

Made from all natural stones chosen for the properties they possess, Original EOD designs are meaningful, functional, and beautiful. Each one contains lava stones to diffuse the chosen essential oils, which allows the wearer to enjoy the benefits all day.

“You just put a drop or two on the bracelet’s lava stone and it will diffuse with your body heat,” says Saenz. “It will last for a day or two.”

Each bracelet comes with a card that explains the significance of the stones. Rose Quartz, for example is all about encouraging self-love and self-awareness, while Amethyst is thought to be calming and meditative.

“You have to look at the stones and the meaning of the stones and choose what speaks to you,” she advises.

The oils are designed for specific uses as well. Feeling lethargic? Try spearmint or peppermint to invigorate you and get your body going. Feeling anxious? Try a blend of lemon and lavender to make you feel calm and happy. Lemon is also an excellent detoxifier with antibacterial properties, making it a must for people who suffer from various allergies and sensitivities.

All the bracelets are designed by Saenz and made locally, ranging in price from $28 to $200 depending on the stones.

“There are so many people living with chronic pain and silent illnesses,” explains Saenz. “I want to help them find a new normal, healthier lifestyle by making oils cool and mainstream, and giving people information about clean living that they might not be getting.”

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