APPsolutely Fabulous

From customized workouts to healthy recipes and even guided meditations, there’s an app for everything. And while nothing can take the place of the one on one you get from a personal trainer, or the energy in your favorite exercise class, health and fitness apps can be integrated into your plan to help you reach your goals. So of the hundreds of thousands of apps available, how do you know which ones to use? Below are a few that we think are worth the storage space.

My Fitness Pal - One of the most comprehensive apps out there, My Fitness Pal takes the guesswork out of monitoring your daily food intake. With a huge database, it makes it easy to track the calories, fat, protein, carbs, sugars and more of your favorite recipes and foods. Tracking my macros, especially if I’m gearing up for a big event, makes it easier for me to make an informed decision when faced with the choice of whether or not to indulge in that second piece of pizza.

Tabata Pro - Wes is all about Tabata style workouts—and for good reason. The “20 seconds on, 10 seconds off” format is a highly effective way to burn some serious calories. That’s why he loves the Tabata Pro app. You simply enter the number of Tabatas, the number of rounds, and hit start. The app tells you when to work and when to rest. This makes it so much easier to take your focus off of your watch and put it where it belongs—on your workout!

Sworkit - This is actually a series of apps that offers both full body workouts, and targeted workouts for your butt, abs, core, arms etc. I like it for those days when I’m short on time, on vacation, or just want to mix it up a little. You select the length of time, the body part (or parts) you want to focus on, and Sworkit creates a customized workout that meets your criteria. Since it can’t hold you accountable or offer pointers on your form, it really isn’t a substitute for a personal trainer, but it’s good in a pinch.

Choose Healthier - If it’s health and fitness related and it’s happening in Texas, you’ll find it here. Developed by IT’S TIME TEXAS in partnership with the Dell Children’s Medical Center of Central Texas, Choose Healthier allows users to search for events and activities in specific areas. Choose from hundreds of free Fitness in the Park classes, meet up with a local running group, or hop on your bike and head to the nearest social ride. It’s all here in one easy-to-navigate place.

Headspace - When you go as hard as we do, learning to rest can be tough—especially, if you, like me, are wound a little tight. Headspace has been a godsend for helping me to relax, focus, and even sleep better. It has a large menu of themed meditations for specific topics like anxiety or insomnia, and you can choose the amount of time you want to spend on each one. But what I really love about Headspace are the “minis.” These one, two, or three minute meditations are perfect for when you just need to hit the “pause” button in the middle of a hectic day. I’ll be the first to admit that meditation takes some getting used to but, as with anything, practice makes perfect.