For Every Victory

One of my favorite things about being a fitness professional is finding unique pieces of clothing that perform well and reflect my personality. After all, it only takes a few seconds to make a first impression--- I want it to be a lasting one!

I recently discovered a new line of active wear for both men and women from H&M called 'For Every Victory.' Launched in July of 2016, it was developed in collaboration with Swedish professional athletes, so you know it had to meet some pretty tough standards! Although this new line is more expensive than H&M's standard active wear collection, it is still affordable at just $50 for the tights. And, after getting my hands on a pair at the North Star Mall location, I can say they are worth every penny.

First, I am loving the fit, color and pattern. And, when I wore them during a recent weight training session, I found that they provided just the right amount of compression/support for my legs. I am not always a fan of true compression tights because, depending on the brand, they can make it hard for my legs to breathe through the material when I sweat, and the fit can get tight around the waist. But these performed really well!

Select pieces are available online and in the San Antonio H&M stores. Check out the styles at H&M For Every Victory and let me know what you think!