Machines That Multitask

We love when we have the opportunity to get creative in the gym & use traditional equipment in a non-traditional way. Here are a few different exercises you can perform on some of our favorite pieces of equipment.

The Squat Rack

My favorite piece of equipment is the squat rack because you can get a full body workout without ever leaving the rack. On days that I need a quick & effective workout this is my go to routine:

1. Barbell Squats: Focuses on your core, glutes, hamstrings & quads. There are a variety of squats you can perform but my favorite is the sumo barbell squat because it also hits your inner thighs.

2. Pull-ups: If you look up when you're at the rack you will notice that most of them have a built in set of pull-up bars that will allow you to focus on almost every part of your upper body---biceps, triceps, lats, forearms, shoulders and core. I know they're hard to perform but I guarantee you they're worth the investment!

3. Barbell Chest Press: I would have never thought of using the squat rack to work out my chest, but a trainer friend of mine showed me this exercise and now I'm obsessed with sharing it. It's the same move you'd perform on a bench, but you're using the floor instead.

4. Barbell Bicep Curl: Looking to focus on your biceps and forearms? Load up your barbell and curl away! Note that most bars weigh about 40LBS so take that into consideration when adding on weight.

5. Hanging Leg Raises: I love ending my workout with core work, and hanging leg raises are definitely one of my faves. They focus on your core and both your lower and upper abdominals.


The Rowing Machine & Treadmill

As I said before I’m obsessed with abs and always looking for new ways to work them. The rower and treadmill both offer nice alternatives to traditional pikes and planks.

1. Pikes on Rowing Machine: For the rower pike, place toes on seat (carefully) and place hands on floor, walking them forward until you are in a high plank position. Pull your feet forward, sliding the seat, until you are in a pike position, then slowly lower.

2. Planks on The Treadmill: To elevate a basic plank, put the treadmill on a low speed and incline. Get into a high plank position at the side of the machine with hands on treadmill belt and “walk” hands laterally.