Merry FITmas!

The city of San Antonio has always held a special place in my heart. My partner Kevin and I both grew up here, and although our jobs took us to Houston we both always knew we’d be back because San Antonio is home.

When we decided to move back to San Antonio three years ago, we were excited to see how much the city had grown—specifically how dynamic and vibrant the inner city had become. There was so much new development and redevelopment, and we knew that we wanted to be a part of that revitalization.

We explored homes and communities all over the city before settling on the Monticello Park area. What attracted us about the neighborhood was the diversity of the residents and their homes---no two homes looked alike and we loved that! The other big selling point for us was the proximity of one of the city's greatest treasures---Woodlawn Park.

Thanks to the ‘City of San Antonio’s 2012 Bond Program’ the park had recently undergone a renovation that drastically changed not only the look but also the functionality. It had transformed from a place where people didn’t really want to hang out to a place where people came to play and exercise.

Shortly after we moved in, I laced up my running shoes and hit the concrete trail that wraps around the park's serene lake and lighthouse---it was amazing! I fell in love with the beautiful landscaping, and the pedestrian, dog, and bike friendly area had a great, family friendly vibe. Over the past three years I have watched the level of activity in the park continue to increase dramatically. It is home to various running and cycling groups, and it is always filled with people walking or running on the trails, or simply sitting on the dock feeding the ducks.

All of the activity in this park sparked my desire to become more involved in my community and contribute to the health and fitness initiatives. With the holiday season in full swing I decided this would be the perfect time to get started.

As fun and festive as this time of year is, it’s also very challenging when you’re trying to create and maintain good habits. Whether you’re traveling across the state to spend time with loved ones, balancing the holiday parties you have to attend, or enjoying time at home with your family, it’s easy to get off track and overindulge in all the delicious food the holidays bring.

We all need a reminder that it’s important to pause during the holiday hustle and take care of yourself and the one body you have. That’s why we have partnered with San Antonio Parks and Recreation to host “Merry FITmas in the Park,” a free fitness class and toy drive to benefit The Children’s Shelter of San Antonio. Sponsored by the Mayor’s Fitness Council, KSAT 12, H-E-B, Zedric’s: Fit with Flavor, and Fleet Feet Sports, this event will do your heart good in more ways than one because you will be helping a child in need.

Being a resident of this great community, having access to an amazing park, contributing to the local health and fitness initiatives, and helping out an organization that does so much for the children in our city is a no brainer for me. So grab your mat, towel and bottle of water and join us on Saturday, December 16th at 9AM for a fun and festive workout. All you have to bring is a toy—we’ll bring the sweat! Hope to see y’all there!

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