Organization? It’s in the bag!

As I was leaving the house one morning last week, my husband questioned whether I might be leaving him for good. Why? Because I was headed out the door with what appeared to be a week’s worth of luggage. I was loaded down with my tote bag containing my laptop and other work stuff, my swim bag with all the “toys” I needed for my pool workout, my gym bag stuffed with my extra clothes, running shoes and toiletries, and finally my lunch bag filled with foods to power me through the day. Oh—did I mention my rather large purse for life’s daily necessities like my wallet, keys, phone etc? It was an understandable concern on his part.

When you participate in a lot of different activities, attend regular fitness classes, teach a weekly fitness class AND have a full-time job, packing up to leave the house in the morning can look more like you’re planning to leave the country for a month. Maybe that’s why my hubby recently gifted me with the mother of all gym bags from Lululemon.

Appropriately titled “Carry the Day,” this lightweight, water repellent bag is HUGE and has something like one million pockets—ok not really—but there are A TON! There’s a padded pocket for my laptop, a small zippered exterior pouch for my cell phone, two large exterior pockets with magnetic snaps, and countless other interior nooks and crannies.

In what I consider a stroke of pure genius, there is even a heat resistant sleeve for storing a curling or flat iron. If you’ve ever had to wait around for yours to cool down so you could pack it up, you appreciate the significance of this—and you are now 100% sure that this bag MUST have been designed by a woman—seriously!

The comfortable shoulder strap allows you to be hands free, or you can grip it by the two sturdy handles. But the best part is that it’s on sale for $89 (normally $148). A small price for a big bag that makes a HUGE difference in helping me get my, ummm “stuff” together in the mornings. And an even smaller price to pay for my husband’s peace of mind☺


'Carry The Day' Bag By Lululemon