Pulse and Sweat

Want healthy, glowing skin? Just pulse and sweat! No, not like THAT! We’re talking about two new product lines designed specifically for athletes and active women to keep you looking and feeling your best before, during, and after your workouts.

Pulse is the latest in a line of all natural skin care for both men and women that addresses everything from acne to bruises and even sore muscles—all things that can go hand-in-hand with an active lifestyle. Since my skin tends to be sensitive, I love the transparency of ingredients-everything’s right there on the website. But what I REALLY love are the products. The Matcha Scrub is my new shower buddy for super soft, glowing skin, and the Quick Fix has become a gym bag staple for those times I need to freshen up fast. But to me, the star of the show is the Green Facial Serum. When you train outdoors in the summer as much as I do, your skin can get dehydrated, sunburned, and prone to clogged pores and breakouts. This miracle in a bottle addresses all of those issues and more. It soaks in easily with no greasy residue, so you don’t have to wait to apply your makeup.

And speaking of makeup, if you are tired of yours coming off during every workout, try Sweat and you won’t have to sweat it anymore. This line of high-performance, all-natural mineral foundations, powders, bronzers and highlighters is built to last. Recently listed as one of the best sweat proof foundations in “Real Simple” magazine, Sweat products contain SPF protection and (best of all) they are tested on female professional and Olympic athletes—not animals! So easy to use, they come in convenient, refillable, twist-brush tubes—just twist and apply for a gorgeous, glowing complexion that will stand up to your toughest workouts. Sweat looks great on you!


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