Spritz It And Forget It!

There are two things we love: a good sweat and a good meal ---usually one right after the other. When we are hangry there’s no time to shower—we want food and we want it fast! We typically stuff our sweaty clothes in our gym bags, throw on something dry, and hustle to the nearest brunch spot. That’s why we rely heavily on body wipes, sprays and spritzes---we don’t want everyone else in the restaurant to lose their appetites while we satisfy ours.

We’ve told you about some of our go-to brands, but while shopping at Two Old Hippies in Nashville last weekend, we stumbled across the Cycle. Sweat. Recover. Spray from Happy Spritz, and since those three things pretty much sum up our lives we decided to give it a shot. Made from a delicious blend of essential oils, this all-natural spray has a spearmint smell that’s refreshing---not overpowering. Designed to be multifunctional, it also contains tea tree oil, which is known for its antibacterial properties. Spray it in your gym shoes, cycle shoes, gym bag, and on your post workout clothes before balling them up in a sweaty heap.

But the thing that impressed us the most about this really cool company is the fact that they donate a percentage of sales to animal rescue. As the owners of rescue dogs, that makes us REALLY happy! Check out the entire line, which includes a variety of blends (with really cute names) in sprays, wipes, and mini sprays for stashing in your purse or car. You’ll be happy you did!