Taking Our Workout to New Heights

A few times a year we like to get out of town and explore what other cities are doing in terms of health and fitness. We love finding unique boutique studios and trying new workouts that we may not have in San Antonio. For our first trip of 2018, we headed to Dallas to check out what the “Big D” had to offer. We hit one of our favorites, Barry’s Bootcamp (Bonny’s personal obsession), checked out the cycle classes at Flywheel, and got our asses kicked during an intense HIIT class at BURN. But the one we were most curious about was District Climb (DC), a VersaClimber studio that had us sweating and climbing to pulsating beats, and took our workout to new heights—literally.

DC is located in a trendy, cool, and energized multi-use development in the heart of Uptown Dallas that is also home to studios like Soul Cycle and Barry’s. From the moment we walked in, we could feel the good vibes! The energetic instructor, Colin Korsmo showed us around the studio and walked us through the setup of the VersaClimber---the driving force behind this intense workout. According to the DC website, the VersaClimber offers a full body, low impact workout using only your own momentum---the machine offers no assistance. It is guaranteed to burn some serious calories in a short amount of time—only 30 minutes to be exact.

We were a little nervous as we stepped onto our VersaClimbers, but Colin cranked up the Whitney Houston and knew we were in for some fun! It took us a few minutes to understand that the workout was based on the vertical movements of our arms and legs---the further we pulled them apart the harder it became. Shortening the distance simulated quickly running up a flight of steps. But we soon found our rhythm and as the overhead lights danced to the beat of the music—so did we! Within a few minutes we were feeling the burn in our glutes, hamstrings, calves, shoulders and forearms (we felt it the next day too!).

Colin kept us on our toes by instructing us to alternate the distance between our arms and legs, change up our speed, and switch the grip of our hands and position of our hips. The class was amazing, and the 30 minutes flew by thanks to Colin, who kept us motivated and sweating (or maybe those were tears), with his great personality and creative choreography.

If you’re in Dallas we “highly” recommend DC. They offer three types of classes: one for beginners, one advanced and one that focuses on intervals . Not only will your body benefit from trying something new, but we guarantee you’ll have a really fun time doing it. Check out our boy Colin-- he’ll have you dancing on the VersaClimber in no time too!


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