The Well Adjusted Life

It was almost exactly one year ago that I was sprinting in my favorite cycle class, lost in my zone, when suddenly I felt something “pop.” The next thing I knew I couldn’t move. I was stuck on my bike in the middle of a packed class and I was in excruciating pain. Fortunately, there were no slipped discs or other significant issues, but there was a definite problem in that I was seriously out of balance. All my running and indoor/outdoor cycling had caught up with me. That’s when I learned about a little thing called “maintenance.”

I’ve always been an “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it,” girl i.e. if my body isn’t hurting, it’s probably fine. Not true. When we run, bike, lift, or even stand or sit for long periods of time, we are putting stress on our bodies. After a while, something’s got to give. In my case, it was my back and I found myself in multiple sessions with Dr. Tripp Puhl at Chiropractic Centers of Texas. Now “maintenance” visits are a regular part of my event training routines.

Of course if I’d gone PRIOR to getting hurt, the injury probably could’ve been avoided through something called a structural fingerprint exam. This assessment identifies structural imbalances, which can help with mobility, range of motion, strength and flexibility. Knowing your weaknesses and addressing them is the first step in injury prevention. Want to check it out? Dr Puhl is offering FREE structural fingerprint exams to BA readers (normally $75). Call 210-828-2665 to schedule yours, and get ready to lead a well adjusted life.