There IS An "I" In Team

There’s an age-old expression that says, “There is no ‘I’ in team.” And, while we get the intended meaning, we have to disagree, because there is an “I” in “Individual,” and what is a team made up of if not individuals with their own strengths, skill sets, talents….and weaknesses. In fact, unless you know your own Identity (another “I” word) you can’t be a good team player.

No, we are not advocating being so self-absorbed that you can’t play well with others—in fact, quite the opposite. We are saying that just because you are part of a team, you don’t have to give up the things that make you unique. You can expand and Include (there’s another one) your own Interests (again) while making your team stronger.

When Wes and I started BodyArchitecture, we did it as a team because we share the same passions for fitness, pushing limits, and helping people find that inner badass. But what we soon discovered was that we had very different skill sets and ways of approaching things. For example, Wes doesn’t enjoy the blogging or marketing side of our biz like I do and that’s fine—it’s my strength and my background. And when it comes to organizing, or doing anything visually creative or tech savvy, my head explodes---but that’s where Wes shines.

And while we enjoy cycling together, running together, and finding new fitness adventures to share as team BA—that doesn’t mean that we don’t look for ways to push ourselves individually as well. That’s why, when we were feeling a little “stagnant” recently, we chose two very different goals to pursue to push us out of our comfort zones: Wes is training to run a full marathon in September, while I am training to tackle a Half Ironman in October. I have no desire to run a full marathon, nor is Wes interested in taking on a swim challenge—and that’s fine—we are still working together as a team because part of being a team means supporting one another as individuals and encouraging each other to explore outside interests and bring something back from the experience, collectively making your team stronger and better than ever. It’s being your teammate’s biggest cheerleader, being the hand that picks them up when they fall, and pushing them over that finish line when they aren’t sure they can get there on their own.

Individuality is an important thing—and it’s crucial to the success of a team. We hope you will join team BA and support us as we take on these new challenges. We will be sharing both of our journeys via IG stories and social media posts so follow along and keep pushing us forward—and if you have tips and tricks, strengths and struggles to share—let us know. We want you to put your “I” in our team too!