Three Ways To Stress Less

We don't know about you, but 2019 has started off with a bang! New clients, job promotions, more classes, more deadlines....more, more more.....it's no wonder that we get a little stressed and overwhelmed every now and then.

We have several ways we like to relieve stress, most of which involve getting outside. For Wes, that usually includes gardening and for me, a pool or beach will do the trick. Unfortunately, we can't always escape to our stress-free happy places because of jobs and family obligations, so in honor of April being National Stress Awareness Month, we decided to ask Certified Health Coach Shannon Hernandez for simple tricks you can do any time you feel yourself starting to stress out. Here are her top three tips for managing stress throughout the day. Let us know some of your tricks in the comments.

Just breathe. Take a long, slow, deep breath to fill your lungs with as much air as you can. Hold it in for a few seconds before slowly breathing out. Repeat this for a minute or two. It's amazing what a calming breath can do!

Take a walk. By this I mean, take a moment to escape from the environment that is causing you stress. Physically removing yourself from your stressor - even if it's your phone - for a few minutes can work wonders.

Sweat it out. When all else fails, get those endorphins going with a good workout - there is meditation in movement! Plus, it's tough to be thinking about what's stressing you when you are focusing on hitting that next mile, or next rep. You'll find that after a good sweat session you'll have a clearer head.