Between the two of us we probably have more gym bags than is absolutely necessary---but what can we say? Different bags serve different functions. Plus, we both carry A LOT of stuff including several costume changes and at least two pairs of shoes (one cycle, one training or running) so we need bags that can handle all that, plus grooming essentials, laptops and more.

My latest find is one I first discovered on one of those random Instagram ads that appear on your timeline for the New York based company, Caraa. Created as a way to bridge the gap between studio and street, Caraa is the “perfect set of hybrid accessories that strike balance between craftsmanship, quality, and sport functionalities.”

There are plenty of designs to suit both men and women, but the one I chose was the Caraa Sport Tote. Designed for fashion and crafted for sport, it’s made from a lightweight but durable quilted waterproof fabric that looks sleeker and more sophisticated than your average gym bag—so much so that I can carry it into client meetings or interviews in my daily journalist life without anyone thinking it belongs in a locker room.

I love that it does double duty as a tote or backpack, and it’s got plenty of pockets for organizing your stuff. But the standout features in my opinion are the built in powerbank and USB charger (no more worrying about battery life on the go) and the separate zippered compartment on the bottom that’s deep enough to house whatever shoes my daily activities require, or to keep wet or sweaty clothes separate from everything else. A built in strap for yoga mats is a nice touch—made even nicer if I actually did yoga on a regular basis—but for those of you that do, it’s a big bonus.

The only downside is that it really is more of a day bag. It doesn’t hold enough for a weekend’s worth of activities. But for daily gym/work life, it does the job beautifully. I can fit my toiletry bag, at least one change of clothes, and my laptop easily inside the main compartment. Check it, and the many other styles out at

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