I'm a man who is in love with architecture, fitness, and the idea of change. The fear of complacency is what motivates and pushes me to become stronger. I believe when you realize you have the ability to change who you are at any point throughout your life, THAT is power.

My passions include indoor and outdoor cycling, running, strength training and helping people realize their potential---find their inner bad ass! A San Antonio native, I've been part of the fitness industry for seven years as a Senior Instructor at JoyRide Texas and a certified NASM Personal Trainer and Corrective Exercise Specialist.

I attended Texas A&M University in College Station and have worked for Kudela & Weinheimer Landscape Architects for over 15 years. Through my professional experiences I've developed a respect for the process of design and construction. Bringing an idea to life and helping it evolve into something that is beautiful, efficient and sustainable excites me. My enthusiasm for both architecture and fitness gave me the inspiration to create the BodyArchitecture brand.

If you are ready to design your best life, create a plan, and transform your body, let BodyArchitecture build your program for success through personal or small group training.

Ready to get started? Contact me at wes@bodyarchitecturesa.com to discuss your vision and goals. Anything in life is attainable, it just takes time, dedication and commitment.

It's never too late to design, create and transform your body, and your life.


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