A Creator of Healing Spaces

As I mentioned in my previous blog one of my goals for the year is to collaborate and expand my relationships within our local fitness community. I’m blessed to be a part of a community with instructors who share my passion for change, community & healing.

I’m kicking this series off by introducing you to a young woman who I had the pleasure of meeting five years ago when I first started at JOYRide, she later joined her mother and they became one of my first personal training clients.

Adyn Summer Pipoly is someone who exudes positivity and radiates joy, there’s a natural calmness to her soul that I admire and appreciate. In a world full of chaos it’s wonderful to find a person with a spirit that can lift you up and create a safe space that allows you to move as you are.

It’s evident by how full her classes are and the size of her growing tribe that I’m not the only one who admires her. If you follow me on social media you know I’ve recently become a yogi actively taking as many classes as I can at Black Swan Yoga (BSY). Because many of my athletes and clients also attend BSY I get to hear how much they love Adyn and her classes---they describe her as inspiring, charismatic and authentic. I couldn’t agree more.

What I’ve learned from Adyn is that despite the difficulties, challenges and conflicts that life presents you with it’s still up to you to determine the path you take. Choosing to stay rooted and sharing the positive light we each have inside is our true power.

Let's get to know one of my favorite Yogi's and humans...

What studios do you work for and what are your roles?

Black Swan Yoga- yoga instructor, 5 Points Local- yoga instructor and social media manager, Pilates Platinum- lagree instructor

How long have you been an instructor in the fitness industry?

5 years

I'd like you to pick three words that best describe your classes.

Accessible, Encouraging & Healing

Do you hold any industry related certifications or have a specialty you focus on?

200hr RYT, 325hr YT. I received my first training through CorePower Yoga and my second training through Blissology Yoga.

I am an alignment nerd at heart with a passion for embodiment. Movement is a feeling, not a ‘one size fits all’ prescription. Teaching students how to move intelligently is part of what keeps me inspired- no two bodies are the same.

Why did you decide to become a yoga instructor?

I lost my grandfather and father to cancer at the end of 2014 and was feeling aimless. I attempted going through yoga teacher training while both were still alive and upon the double loss was motivated to revisit and complete the training.

I initially had no intention of teaching yoga (which is interesting to reflect upon given how much it’s shaped my life). Upon completing YTT in Denver in 2015, I felt called to create the same healing space for others that I was so hungry for and nourished by when revisiting yoga teacher training.

Have you had a life changing or impactful moment as an instructor?

Anytime I receive feedback from a student that my class evoked emotion or surrender, I’m immediately validated in why I do what I do. Teaching yoga is a total act of service for my community.

All I can hope to do is create a space where all feel welcome, loved, and seen. It’s easy to allow the world to harden you, given challenging life experiences and trauma. So when I hear my students achieved some kind of emotional, physical, or mental softening- it’s like a divine whisper to keep at it.

What is your favorite thing about being an instructor?

Teaching people life-long, usable tools. I believe the relationship one has with their body is arguably the most important. Teaching people how to attune themselves to what feels good and what doesn’t is a very empowering space to play in; for both teacher and student.

What is the most challenging thing about being an instructor?

Selfcare. A question I’ve been chewing on recently is: when you love what you do and who you do it with, but are depleted by what you do- how do you recharge? I think the answer is obviously different for everyone, but I find that I’m often putting the needs of my students and community before my own. Establishing healthy boundaries can be a struggle.

If you could change one thing about the fitness industry what would it be?

Eliminating weight-loss inspired programs. Health is a feeling (clarity, energy, mobility, breath), not a number represented on a scale. Wellness is a dynamic lifelong journey, not an achievement.

My goal with this series is to promote awareness and collaboration between instructors. Do you think this is needed and if so why?

Yes! I think it’s easy to get caught up in the routine of sticking to what and who you know. We all have so much to offer and learn from one another. And from a student’s perspective, I think seeing that collaboration amongst different instructors is inspiring, and a reminder that we are all students.

Other than practicing yoga How else do You break a sweat?

I love incorporating different workouts into my routine! I enjoy the occasional spin class at Joyride- it's a great way to burn some serious calories and get my heart rate up.

In addition to that, I've recently gotten into Lagree; practicing pretty consistently at Pilates Platinum.

Outside of the typical studio setting, I enjoy hiking as well as hitting up the local rock climbing gym (Armadillo Boulders and The District).

Are there any other fitness classes you’re interested in that you haven’t taken?

Yes! As unique as it sounds, I'm interested in taking a pole dancing class- I've heard good things about The North Pole in Stone Oak and I'm very curious about the workout! It sounds like a fun, different way to incorporate strength training, flexibility, and body awareness.

Where can our readers find you?

Instagram: @adansummer

Facebook: /adansummeryoga


I teach 7 weekly yoga classes. You can find me on the schedule at 5 Points Local and Black Swan Yoga. You can also look me up for the rotating teaching schedule at Pilates Platinum Alamo Heights.

You can also find me at San Antonio’s premier infrared sauna studio, Sweat Equity, in the historic King William neighborhood---it's open NOW!

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