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A Fashionable & Sweat Wicking Face Mask

Let's face it, wearing a mask is a trend we would've never predicted for this year. But since it looks like they're going to be around for a while, we might as well look good wearing them. Fortunately for us many companies we love have jumped on the trend and have created masks that are both safe and fashionable.

My favorite brand of masks for everyday wear are hands down made by Old Navy---they're inexpensive, comfortable, durable and come in a variety of fun patterns.

Even though I love my Old Navy masks, it's tough to wear any cotton mask during a workout---the cotton material holds the sweat and makes it challenging to breathe when wet. I'm religious about wearing a mask while working out so finding one that wicks sweat was essential.

Recently, a girlfriend of mine attended one of my classes sporting a fierce mask that is designed for athletics, so you know I had to get my hands on one. The mask she wore is made by Heroine Sport and I immediately ordered the NOVA Mask from their Galaxy line.

The mask is a made by a combination of polyester and spandex giving it a nice fit around your face. The inside is lined with mesh and comes with a filter pocket. You can see they come in a lot of fun colors, some with glitter, that give it an upscale look that I love. It's held up well during my workouts and dries pretty quickly.

Not only does this mask keep your safe and looking good, but when you make a purchase on their website they donate masks to essential works in Los Angeles County.

My only complaint is that the ear loops aren't very large so if you have a wide face you might have to replace the loops. It fits well on my face but I can see how it may be too tight for others.

You can purchase these on their website or on Nordstrom's. I would recommend buying it from their website so you know they're donating an equal amount to what you purchased to essential works. Cheers!

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