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A Truly Elite Donut!

Donut's are a treat that I grew up loving, starting my day with dipping one in a glass of cold milk always put a smile on my face. But turning thirty took both of those pleasures away because I became lactose and gluten intolerant---go figure! For years I couldn't enjoy a donut without feeling bloated for days.

If you follow me in Insta you know I'm a fan of Zedric's, their food comprises most of my weekly meals. A few months ago they started carrying a new snack called the Elite Donut by Elite Sweets in three amazing flavors---Birthday Cake, Chocolate and my favorite, Cinnamon. Not only are they packed with over 12 grams of protein but they are all under 240 calories, gluten/soy free and Keto friendly. Not to mention they are packed with a whole lot of flavor that will leave you wanting more that just one!

I like to eat them post-cycle class or if I'm running around during the day and don't have time to get in a proper meal, the 12 grams of protein hold me over.

Like I mentioned, you can buy these locally at Zedric's or you can buy them online at Elite's website HERE. This is a local company out of Austin so feel good about supporting our Texas economy.

I'm also an ambassador so feel free to use my 15% off discount code "WES15" on your first online purchase.