A Truly Goodpop!

During the week of my birthday I indulged in a variety of delicious homemade treats that left me lingering for more SWEETS! I've never had much of a sweet tooth, I prefer salty foods, so this is new territory for me. Since it is summer and I'm restricted from so many of my favorite activities because of COVID I decided I was going to let myself explore this new craving---with a healthy twist of course!

As I was wondering down the isles of HEB looking for something sweet, cool and healthy I came across a few items in the frozen section that caught my attention. I rarely go down the ice cream isle because I'm lactose intolerant and this row typically doesn't have much for me. Luckily I came across a few items that are dairy & gluten free, 90 calories or less AND taste AMAZING!

Goodpop is a Texas brand based out of Austin that incorporates organic, locally sourced ingredients that NEVER contain anything artificial. They have a variety of frozen treats including fruit, freezer and push pops.

In addition to creating pops that are packed with a flavorful punch they do a lot of good by giving back to charities like Pets Alive, American Cancer Society, Houston Food Bank and American Lung Association. Check out a few of my favorite flavors and support this local brand!


Orange N' Cream

Popsicles with cream in the middle were my FAVORITE growing up, so when I saw that they used coconut for the filling it made my heart skip a beat!

What Makes This Pop So Cool? It's dairy & gluten free, vegan approved & only 90 calories per pop!


Cherry & Lemonade

I love their take on the classic rocket pop, same cool look but healthier and more flavorful!

What Makes This Pop So Cool? It's dairy/gluten free & only 35 calories per pop!


Creamy Orange Push Pops

One of my favorite memories is trying to cool off by eating a Flintstones push pop. Now I can relive that memory with a much better alternative!

What Makes This Pop So Cool? It's dairy free & only 80 calories per pop!