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A Yogi With A Passion For Healing

When I walked into Caitlyn Garrison's yoga class one afternoon I was feeling worn out both mentally and physically. I had taught several fitness classes & personal trained a few clients that week so my offerings tank was pretty much depleted. But what reinvigorated my soul was this ball of calm energy that greeted me as I entered the yoga studio.

I'm the type of person that immediately picks up on "vibes" so when I connected with Caitlyn I knew it was going to be a good thing, her calm and fun nature that she exudes carried through out the entire class. She will lead you through challenging sweaty flows while her voice keeps you calm and focused---she reminds me to let go of the tension I'm holding and to breathe and cherish that moment.

Her passion for working with people who suffer from brain trauma and PTSD is inspiring and something I'm truly in awe of. Mental health awareness is needed and I'm glad we have access to someone who has the training & desire to help people create the safe spaces that they need.

In addition to being a rising yoga star she's an entrepreneur who's a co-owner of Devotion Coffee who's mission is to connect people with fresh “roast to order” coffee from varying origins around the world.

Let's get to know why so many of us in San Antonio love taking this young woman's classes...

What Studios Do You Work For?

I currently teach group classes at Black Swan Yoga and private sessions at Mel Marie Yoga.

How Long Have You Been An Instructor In The Fitness Industry?

I've taught at Black Swan for about 8 months and Mel Marie for a little over 2 years.

Do You Hold Any Industry Related Certifications Or Have A Specialty You Focus On?

I originally trained in Ashtanga vinyasa yoga as my 200hr certification, then moved on to Adaptive Therapeutic 300hr training about a year later. I'm also certified in teaching trauma sensitive yoga for people who have sustained a traumatic brain injury.

I would say my specialty (when it comes to group classes) would be teaching yoga that is safe and accessible for any demographic yet still challenging/with functional goals.

When I teach privately its primarily for ‘rehab’ purposes. Rehabilitating both physical injuries and helping people who have suffered from PTSD/traumas trying to derail dysfunctional movement patterns and thought patterns.

Why Did You Decide To Become A Yoga Instructor?

I have seen the healing affects of yoga on my own mind body and soul and I thought that if I could even share a fraction of its healing capability it's worth becoming a teacher.

Have You Had A Life Changing Or Impactful Moment As An Instructor?

Oh my gosh, plenty! Yoga never ceases to amaze me in its healing capabilities not only seen in myself but all my clients and students.

I had a student consistently take my classes who was never seemingly friendly, we started off having a casual ‘hi’ and ‘bye’ relationship. Slowly after a few months of attending my classes regularly, he came up to me after class and told me how impactful the breathwork, movement and verbal instruction had been on his emotional self.

I learned that he had suffered from PTSD from being in the military most of his working career and he felt that yoga saved him from his suicidal thoughts. He said that simply being told to “let go of tension in the body” made him feel safe and that he had never been able to experience immobilization without fear.

Knowing that he felt safe enough to lay down in savasana without any fear and to finally be able to relax into his own body made me so grateful that I could provide that healing container for him. I cried the happy tears afterward!

What Is Your Favorite Thing About Being An Instructor?

There are too many to pick from! But if I had to choose I would say it is being constantly surrounded by our community---the love and support we all (students AND teachers) give each other.

What Is The Most Challenging Thing About Being An Instructor?

I'm always a student in my own physical and ethical practice so the maintenance of constantly learning and unlearning habitual patterns (thought patterns and movement patterns) is a constant challenge that keeps me on my toes.

It keeps me constantly striving to become the best version of myself in order to serve this community. If I am not doing the internal work, why would my students?

My Goal With This Series Is To Promote Awareness And Collaboration Between Instructors. Do You Think This Is Needed And If So Why?

I definitely think more collaboration and support is needed amongst instructors.

If instructors from every fitness background acknowledge that there are many quadrants of health and support each other to go to different studios and participate in different forms of fitness, it will encourage students as well to take initiative to advocate for their own self care/health care.

There are many quadrants of health, so if we can supplement our fitness routines with stress management, spiritual development (YOGA!) and a variety of other physical fitness routines then all aspects of our wellness are being met.

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