Aim High, Be Proud!

You know I'm always looking for fitness gear that allows me to express both my personal style and my values, so I was excited when I came across "OUT-FIT". This athletic line is founded on, "The mission of encouraging athletes to achieve extraordinary physical goals while maintaining mental health and promoting social equality.".

Not only is this line creating awareness for the LGBTQ community, but it's doing it in a positive way---by empowering athletes to stay fit while being out and proud.

I ordered the PROUD tank top and trucker hat and they both fit perfectly, are very comfortable, and are currently in heavy rotation in my wardrobe. Clothing aside, what I loved most about receiving my order was the hand written thank you note and stickers included in the package. This small gesture made me feel special and thankful that there are companies out there that still value personal interactions.

Thanks OUT-FIT, I can't wait for my next order!

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