Are Your Sore Muscles Weighing You Down?

Massages, compression boots & foam rolling are a few of my favorite forms of recovery and about a year ago I was introduced to a product that I quickly added to my regimine---a weighted blanket! What is it exactly? It’s a blanket that’s filled with tiny beads that add up to a certain weight, I’ve seen them range from 10lbs up to 22lbs. I’ll be surprised if you haven't heard of them because they’re everywhere, I even gifted two of them this past holiday season.

I know this may sound like another new trend created to take your money but there have been studies conducted showing they can help treat anxiety, stress and insomnia. I use the blanket to help my body recover, the extra weight that’s bearing down on my body makes me feel safe which allows me to fall asleep faster and longer. I’m a light sleeper so any noise or movements wake me immediately, but when I have the blanket over me I move less and the number of times I wake up during the night is minimized. I’ve even noticed my dogs moving less which is an added bonus! Sleep is a critical step in your bodies recovery process because that’s when your body heals & gets back in balance.

With all of the cycling, running and weight training I do my legs often become restless at night preventing me from getting a good night's rest. I usually have to take ibuprofen to help calm my legs down but I’ve found the weighted blanket is an excellent alternative, it helps my legs relax and stay still.

When I’m riding in the passenger seat of a car and I have my backpack or gym bag with me it’s likely placed on my lap. There’s something about having the extra pressure on me that’s soothing so it’s no surprise that the blanket feels like second nature.

There are a ton of different brands, sizes and weights but the median price for a decent blanket is around $100, they’ve gone down in price significantly compared to a year ago. You can find them locally at Macys & Dillards or if you prefer shopping from the comfort of your own home, check them out Amazon.

If you have one I’d love to hear your thoughts on them and see if you’ve had a similar positive experience. If nothing else, you have another comfy blanket to cuddle with.