Back 2 Basics

It seems like every other week I come across a new fitness trend that promises to be the next big thing on the market--- someone’s "new and improved" variation or combination of the same exercises we’ve been doing for decades. With all these new trends and fitness studios popping up, trying to figure out which ones to add to our already busy schedules can feel overwhelming. And racing around to several different studios to fit them all in can be a workout in itself--not to mention the workout it can give your wallet! We get it--there's a certain amount of FOMO that happens when everyone at the juice bar is raving about the latest aerial/cycle/trampoline mashup. But do you really need it?

As a San Antonio personal trainer, I've been thinking about how this idea of creating something "new" would affect BodyArchitecture and our own style of personal and group fitness training. The pressure of trying to be innovative actually inspired me to take a step back and look at what's been working for athletes since the beginning---I'm talking about getting back to basics.

As I get to know my clients, I realize that some of them haven’t focused on strength training for several years. Instead, they've chosen one activity like cycling, yoga, or running, and made that their go-to workout. I'm all about finding what you love and sticking with it, but you have to understand that you need to incorporate strength training along with cardio and flexibility training in order to create a healthy and balanced body. That doesn't mean loading up the squat rack and banging out 12 reps right off the bat--especially if you're new to weight training or have been out of the game for a while. Instead, I suggest focusing on building a strong foundation through a "minimalist" training program that incorporates the one thing we carry around all day---our body weight!

Traditional exercises like burpees, push ups, elevators, squats, and knee ups accelerate your heart rate, which allows you to burn more calories while effectively building and toning your muscles. These types of exercises can be performed by anyone from a beginner to a seasoned athlete using modifications to suit your skill level. Not only is a body weight workout effective, it can be done anywhere----eliminating about 99.9 of your excuses! And, I guarantee you’ll still sweat it out, drop a few pounds and start seeing a change in your body composition.

Don’t get me wrong, having access to a gym with a variety of weights is great---I’ve experienced first-hand the benefits that can come from weightlifting. But it’s important to begin with the basics and built up gradually while focusing on proper form and technique.

If you are ready to incorporate strength training into your workout, don't let the pressure to look "cool" while benching 200 pounds freak you out. We can work together to take a stripped down approach that will allow you to sculpt your body safely and effectively so that when it's time to hit the squat rack--you'll be ready!

Wondering how to perform a burpee or knee up? Check out the SCULPT section for our video demonstrations.