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Beyond Tasty Foods!

If you're like me I'm sure you're finding yourself opening your pantry and refrigerator doors more often than usual---I've definitely had to slap my own hand a few times! But being able to dare I say "cook" and eat out of my own kitchen is a perk of working from home.

With Kevin bringing goodies home daily from Central Market and my own exploration I've been able to try some new foods that I'm crazy about---all are gluten free and some are even vegan.

Check out a few of my faves that I'm keeping well stocked!


Kashi "Berry Bliss" Waffles

This is a daily breakfast staple for me, it has the right amount of sweetness and I don't need to cover it in syrup. It pairs well with eggs, avocado and a few berries!

Key Ingredients: Quinoa, Berries & Beets

Find It At: Target


Wyman's Wild Blueberries

You have not tasted a blueberry until you've tried a bag of these frozen ones, they're small but they pack a BIG punch! They pair well with waffles, cereal & can be mixed into any fruit smoothie. One 3lb bag will go a long way!

Key Ingredients: Wild Blueberries

Find It At: Central Market


Fody "Oh So Fresh" Garden Herb Dressing

I love this creamy dressing because it's flavorful and doesn't upset my stomach like most dressings. This brand has a few other flavors that you need to try including one that tastes like ranch!

Key Detail: Lactose and gluten free

Find It: Central Market, HEB & Sprouts

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Beyond Meat "Beyond Burger"

Curiosity made me purchase this and I'm glad it did! It tastes just like a regular burger leaving me satisfied and not overly full.

Key Detail: Gluten and soy free with 20G of protein per patty.

Find It: Target