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Building A Community One Shake At A Time

A few weeks ago I came across an Instagram page for a local business that caught my eye, it had photos of DELICIOUS looking shakes and their stories were fun, energetic and engaging. After checking out their page for several weeks Kevin and I decided to stop by and give it a try, we were craving a cold dessert and wanted an alternative to ice cream.

Castle Hills Nutrition (CHN) is located in the heart of Castle Hills off of NW Military and West Ave just North of 410, it's a local health positive hangout that welcomes everyone! The idea started with the desire to create a space where people could walk in, leave their worries at the door and escape into a positive environment and enjoy a healthy cold refreshment.

CHN offer's over 100 different flavored shakes/teas and whether you believe it or not all their shakes are under 200 calories and offer 24 grams of protein! They choose to use plant based proteins and they're all lactose free which is a big plus. They also offer sugar free energy drinks and fat burner shots that taste like donuts!

When we entered their space we were immediately greeted by the staff and that felt amazing, it complimented the fun, hip vibe we were about to experience. Baldemar Guerrero III of CHN explained what sets them a part from other nutrition shops is that they want to build a relationship with their clients and create a space that encourages them to stay, socialize and build a community amongst other like minded athletes. It's apparent by the activity in their shop and on their instagram page that they achieved that goal.

CHN has big plans for 2020 which include celebrating their one year anniversary on Saturday March 7th, launching a new menu with a few new additions and expanding outside of San Antonio. CHN is locally owned and has a few other sister locations around town.

When you visit I highly recommend the "Ice Cream Sandwich" & "Strawbea Cheesecake" (<-- this was a Valentines Special) shakes---they were tasty, filling and I can't believe they were under 200 calories!

Every experience I've had with CHN has been fun, positive and welcoming. I'm glad they're contributing to building San Antonio's health and fitness community---their motivation, innovation and drive is inspiring. Don't just stop by and check them out, sit at the bar and enjoy the atmosphere that many others in our city are falling in love with!

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