Building A Solid Foundation

When I started working with my personal trainer almost two years ago, we spent the first couple of months focused almost entirely on building a solid foundation. At first I didn't understand why I was spending so much time using stabilization balls, resistance bands and TRX suspensions straps. I thought we would be hitting the bench press or squat rack. Little did I know that he was training and preparing my body to handle the demanding and challenging workouts I do now by strengthening my core and developing my overall stabilization.

Like most things in life, success starts with a strong and solid foundation. Before you load up the weights on your squat rack or bench press, focus on the fundamentals of stabilization and nail these essential movements: pushup, squat, plank, and lunge.

The article 'The 5 Moves Everyone Should Be Able To Do' explains why mastering these moves is important, and provides examples of the proper way to perform these exercises, as well as common mistakes to avoid. Check it out and pay attention to your body form and alignment the next time you work out. If you have any questions about the right way to perform an exercise, don't hesitate to ask a fitness professional.