Fitness Instructors Call To Action

Being a part of the fitness industry is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, not only do I get to help people improve their lives but I get to be a part of a positive & strong community that we create together.

However between preparing for my classes, the pressure of trying to keep them full, keeping my instagram stories interesting, staying up to date on the latest athleisure trends and in my case balancing a full-time career---it can get exhausting! The communities we strive so hard to create sometimes don't extend further than the front doors of the studios and gyms we give our hearts to. This may be great for business but not necessarily for our education.

As instructors we should be collaborating and learning from each other, expanding our knowledge, skills, and techniques. Unfortunately time is the one thing we need more of and it’s a non-renewable resource, once it passes we can’t get it back.

Juggling a career outside fitness I can easily raise my hand and say I’m guilty. Until this past holiday break I can’t remember the last time I consistently took classes from other instructors either outside or inside my own organization. When I travel I try to drop into my favorite cycling classes or at least jump on a Peloton but I’m not always successful.

I started off the year writing a blog titled “20 Things To Achieve in 2020” and one of my top priorities is to make the time to collaborate and expand my relationships within our local fitness community. Our city is full of talented individuals who share the same passion as I do so it’s time I meet them!

As a way to hold myself accountable and encourage all of you to start reaching out to each other I’m going to feature an instructor from different practices throughout the year on this blog. These are beautiful souls that have motivated and challenged me to reach outside my box and try something new. Hopefully you will be inspired and it will spark a desire to reach beyond your comfort zones.

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