For The Guys: Getting from the Locker Room to the Boardroom - In Style!

Finding time to exercise during the workday is tough! Between preparing for your morning board meeting, client luncheon and afternoon presentation, there is barely enough time to breathe---much less work out! If you’re like me, you have to wake up early or squeeze it in during your lunch hour!

So how do you get from the locker room to the boardroom without feeling like a hot mess? Whether you’re bench pressing at 5:30 a.m. or going for a quick run between appointments, organization is KEY to making sure you always have the items you need for a smooth transition!

I recommend getting everything together the night before so you’ll have one less thing to worry about in the morning. Trust me, there is nothing more frustrating than realizing you’ve forgotten your shaving cream, moisturizer, or favorite hair product--- that one setback can really throw you off your game for the rest of the day!

Once you figure out what your essentials are, and get in the habit of packing them, it will streamline the process. To help you get started, I’ve provided a list of things I feel every ‘man on the go’ needs, along with items that keep me organized on the days I have to work around my workouts.

#1. The Duffle Bag

Organization begins with the right bag! While some men like the hands-free convenience of backpacks, I personally prefer a large duffle bag. Duffles expand more than backpacks, allowing you to easily see and access the items you need, rather than waste time digging around.

Mens Lulu Gym Bag

High End: LuLuLemon ~ $138.00 City Sweat Duffel

· Website

· Why It’s Essential:

1. Comes with a drawstring washable bag that you use specifically for storing your sweaty/wet clothes. There is also a separate exterior compartment for storing the washable bag away from your clean clothes.

2. Oversized handles allow you to either hold the bag or swing it comfortably over your shoulder. A separate shoulder strap offers even more versatility.

3. Although it is a full sized bag, it fits easily into most lockers.

4. Sporty, yet sophisticated style that works for both gym and office.


Affordable: Dicks Sporting Goods, Adidas ~ $39.99 Team Speed Large Duffle Bad

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· Why It’s Essential:

1. Exterior mesh zipper pocket for sweaty/wet clothes.

2. Plenty of interior zippered pockets to help you stay organized.

3. Large exterior pocket for easy access to keys, protein bars, phone or wallet.

4. A full sized bag that easily fits in most lockers.

#2. Hanging Toiletry Accessory Kit

Keeping your toiletries organized is easy when you use a hanging toiletry kit. I have noticed some men using small cosmetic bags for their grooming essentials. However, if you (like me) have a lot of products, it can be hard to fit them all in or, worse yet, they can spill out into your duffle bag. I prefer a hanging toiletry kit for three reasons: First, you can organize your products into separate compartments. Next, you can hang it inside any locker, door, or cabinet. Finally, it rolls or folds up to fit conveniently inside your duffle bag. In fact, it’s around the same size as the standard small zippered bags, but it can hold twice as many products!


High End: Nordstrom, Briggs & Riley ~ $89.00 Baseline Deluxe Hanging Toiletry Kit

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· Why It’s Essential:

1. Five pockets in three different sizes make it easy to organize all your products.

2. Made from easy to clean nylon---I prefer this over leather.

3. Clip-lock safety feature keeps your products from falling out.

4. Available in two, neutral colors.

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 9.22.04 PM.png

Affordable: L.L. Bean ~ $24.95 Personal Organizer Toiletry Bag, Small

· Website

· Why It’s Essential:

1. Contains two zippered pockets and a detachable shower caddy.

2. Several interior mesh pockets held in place by an outer zipper.

3. Made from nylon for easy cleaning.

4. Available in various colors with optional monogramming.

#3. Flip Flops

The damp, warm environment of a locker room shower is the perfect breeding ground for fungi, which can result in infections like athlete’s foot. An easy way to avoid coming into contact with this and other ailments is to slip on a pair of flip-flops (sandals) before showering. Make sure to keep your flip-flops clean and wipe them down (preferably with an anti-bacterial wipe) as soon as possible after use.

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 9.23.46 PM.png

High End: Nike ~ $60.00 Hurley Phantom Free Sandal

· Website

· Why It’s Essential:

1. Ergonomically designed for long-term wear, this flip-flop mimics your foot’s natural movement for the ultimate in comfort.

2. Rubber design for maximum durability and traction.

3. Unique style and color selections.

Screen Shot 2016-03-19 at 9.27.21 PM.png

Affordable: Old Navy ~ $3.50 Classic Flip Flop

· Website

· Why It’s Essential:

1. Comfortably protects your feet in the locker room.

2. Available in multiple colors, both online and at your local store.

3. An inexpensive option---you can justify the purchase of multiple pairs so you always have a dry pair handy!

#4. Blow Dryer

Most fitness facilities these days have blow dryers in their locker rooms---so why bother bringing your own? Depending on your hair type and style, the standard dryers may not give you the power you need to dry your hair quickly—which also keeps it healthy. According to Details Magazine men damage their hair by towel drying it too quickly, or by spending long periods of time in front of a low-performing dryer. So if you plan on having a long lasting relationship with your hair, make sure you invest in a product that will keep it healthy.


High End: The Dry Bay ~ $195.00 Buttercup Blow Dryer

· Website

· Why It’s Essential:

1. Extremely powerful for quick drying.

2. Built in conditioning beads that help nourish hair while you dry.

3. Comes with both wide and narrow nozzle attachments, allowing you to concentrate the airflow on specific sections.

4. At 1lb 1oz it’s lightweight and easy to handle.


Affordable: Amazon ~ $27.22 Babylisspro TT Titanium Travel Dryer

· Website

· Why It’s Essential:

1. Extremely powerful, 1000 watts---as effective as a large blow dryer.

2. Folds up for easy portability in a carry-on or gym bag.

3. Dual voltage allows for use all over the world.

4. Weighs in at just 1 lb making it easy to handle.

#5. Shoe Shine

You can be dressed to the nines, but if your shoes are scuffed and dirty they will steal the spotlight. Shoes are not just for walking---they are an essential part of your working wardrobe. Plus, they’re an easy way to jazz up your overall look and show some personality! Want to know a quick way to spruce up your dull oxfords? Add a little polish to a brush and wipe them down.. It’s a quick and almost guaranteed way to stop traffic as you strut into your office.


High End: Nordstrom ~ $19.95 Synovia Travel Shoe Care Kit

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· Why It’s Essential:

1. Contains all the necessities: Black and neutral polish creams, horse hair brush and a flannel polishing cloth, all conveniently held within the zippered travel case.


Affordable: Target ~ $13.99 Kiwi Footwear Care Travel Kit

· Website

· Why It’s Essential:

1. Contains all the necessities: Black and brown polish, horse hair brush, buffing cloths and sponges.

#6. Protein Shaker

One of the quickest and easiest ways to help repair your body after a workout is to mix your favorite protein drink in a portable shaker. You can find shakers at almost any nutritional or grocery store, and they come in many different sizes and colors. Feel free to use these shakers for more than your pre and post workout supplements. When your on-the-go or in a hurry, you can use them to store your favorite healthy snacks, vitamins, salads and more, so you don’t miss a meal! Get creative and stay fueled!


High End: Amazon ~ $25.00 Hydra Cup – Dual Threat Shaker

· Website

· Why It’s Essential:

1. The bottle is divided into two sides, with two flip caps---can be utilized for both your pre and post workout supplements.

2. Has a built in screen under the cap to prevent you from drinking lumps of protein.

Comes in various colors


Affordable: Blender Bottle ~ $9.99 Blender Bottle Classic

· Website

· Why It’s Essential:

1. Comes with a wire whisk for proper mixing to avoid protein lumps.

2. 100% leak proof with screw-on lid and snap cap.

3. Comes in various colors.