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Bath and Body Works Shower In A Bottle

As much as I would like to take credit for this, I actually discovered it when a friend shared it on Facebook.—and now I’m addicted! What I love about this no rinse body cleansing foam is that it absorbs easily, and leaves you feeling clean—not covered up. I put it to the test recently when I taught two back-to-back cycle classes. With only 15 minutes in between, there was barely time to change, much less shower. But after rubbing in this lightly scented foam, I felt refreshed and ready to roll again.

Find it online here or at your local Bath and Body Works. P.S. There is a rumor it is being discontinued (gasp!) so stock up!!!

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Supergoop Glow Stick Sunscreen

I have been a Supergoop fan for years. I love the way the products not only protect your skin from the sun, they protect it from harmful chemicals by using only the cleanest ingredients in the formulations. I also love that it is the brainchild of a local San Antonio woman! My new obsession in this line is the Glow Stick Sunscreen with an SPF of 50. This dry oil stick glides on easily, is super hydrating, and leaves a sexy sheen behind, so it does double duty as a highlighter. Use it on cheeks, shoulders, décolleté…anywhere you could use a little glow.

Check it out here or at several local retailers including Julian Gold.

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Pinch Provisions Fitness Kit

These emergency kits from Pinch Provisions are just about the cutest things I’ve ever seen. Started by a mom and her daughter in Chicago, these tiny zippered pouches with their kitschy names are filled with items specifically curated to get you through pretty much any situation in life. The Fitness Kit is stocked with 15 gym essentials including extra earbuds, emergency socks, blister balm, mini dry shampoo and more.

I found mine at Riley Rose at La Cantera, or you can order one here,