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Good Vibes Only!

For Valentines Day Kevin surprised me with a gift that's designed to ward off and protect me from bad vibes, it's a Tibeten bracelet from Castellamare. He came across it on their instagram page and thought it was unique and I agree!

Each bracelet is hand crafted and made of 100% cotton, sterling silver or 14K gold. According to their website "Many people around the world such as artists, athletes and actors believe that wearing one of these red bracelets around your left wrist will ward off bad luck.

Wear this bracelet on the left wrist as it is the receiving side of the body and soul, through it a vital connection is made with protective energies."

I strongly believe in and feel the vibes that people radiate so I'm excited to have something that can help create a positive environment for me. These bracelets run between $65 - $600 depending on what finish and stone you select, I've picked a few that I like shown below.

We all can use something to help protect us from unwanted energies so why not pick something that's beautiful and natural.

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