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GrandyOats For The Win!

With New Year's resolutions in full effect I’m sure a lot of us are paying closer attention to what we’re eating, For me, that means trying to minimize the amount of processed sugars I consume. I have a very sensitive stomach and exposing it to gluten, dairy and artificial sugars creates a domino effect of negative consequences that I despise dealing with. Because of this I have to really watch what I eat, but on the flip side it sparks my interest in finding new foods that are nutritious, tasty and won’t cause an eruption in my stomach.

My partner is the general manager in training at H-E-B Central Market located in Alamo Heights and he’s always bringing home new products for me to try. Last week he introduced me to a Central Market exclusive, Grandy Oats Granola. Granola is something I love but don't get to enjoy that much because it’s typically full of sugars and gluten that I can't tolerate. But GrandyOats are gluten free, and Paleo and Vegan diet friendly.

Not only is this blend of cashews, pecans and seeds. DELICIOUS, but it's packed with 10G of protein per serving! Another fun fact? It's produced in small batches at a solar powered bakery!

Head to Central Market and give this product a try---your stomach and taste buds will thank you for it. Tell Kevin I sent ya! ;)