He Said:


One of my favorite ways to take a break and escape is to visit a plant nursery and get lost in the landscape. Learning about new plant materials and figuring out ways to use them excites my inquisitive side. Every plant has its own personality and style, and I love experimenting and figuring out what makes each one special---what makes it bloom.

Netflix & Chill:

I don't have much down time so I always try to program a few hours every Saturday afternoon to curl up on my couch with my favorite snack and binge watch some of my favorite shows. I try to stay away from social media and my phone, and really indulge in the 'couch potato' lifestyle---I'm giving myself the opportunity to be lazy and enjoy it! Some of my favorite binge-worthy shows include, “RuPauls Drag Race,” “Scandal,” “How to Get Away with Murder,” and “Will & Grace.”

Guncle Duties:

My family is the most important thing in my life and being the best “guncle” (gay uncle) to my four-year-old niece is what really puts a smile on my face. The desire to be a part of her life on a weekly basis is one of the reasons why I moved back to San Antonio. I want her to grow up knowing the importance of living a healthy lifestyle, and share with her all the ways I'm going to make her fabulous! ;) Whether we are playing with her doll house, playing dress up, or I'm explaining to her the importance that Lady Gaga and Britney will have in her life, it's always effortless and fun.

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She Said:


As someone whose brain tends to run in overdrive 24/7, learning how to breathe, calm down, and recenter myself is a must. My favorite yoga/meditation practice helps. SA Power Yoga is a small, semi-private experience where I am left with no choice but to sit in silence, focus on my breathing, and train my brain to tune in to my body rather than external noise. The heated yoga practice itself is challenging enough that I feel like I’ve gotten a good workout, while the guided meditation has taught me tools I can use at work and at home to still my overactive mind.

Bubbles and Books:

When you live in an all-male household, finding ways to escape and indulge your girlie side can be tough. But for me, it all comes down to a nice, long soak in the tub with a good book. I have my favorite “no one else better touch this” bubble bath, glass jars filled with pretty bath salts and bath bombs, my bath tray where I can prop my drink and whatever book I am reading, and plenty of scented candles. Sometimes this ritual also involves a face mask, or a deep conditioner (because multitasking), but usually it’s about nothing more than soaking in the quiet and reading for 30 minutes.

Back to Nature:

Nothing soothes my senses or lifts my spirits like being outside on a pretty day. Fortunately, I work in a building that backs to the San Antonio River, and you can often find me sitting by my favorite waterfall, phone off, taking a break in the middle of the day. I am also famous for spontaneous day trips to the beach. I will take the day off, drop the kids at school, drive to Port A and sit on the beach for a few hours, reading, walking, and soaking in the sun. The beach is truly my happy place and stealing away for a few hours to watch the waves restores me in a way that nothing else can—and I return a much better wife, mother and human☺

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