He Said:

LOVE: I'm a big fan of the barbell squat rack for strengthening my quads and glutes. There are many exercises you can perform on the the squat rack including lunges, deadlifts and a variety of squats that engage everything from your core down. My personal favorite is a sumo barbell squat.

Start by placing your feet shoulder width apart and pointing your toes outward at a 45 degree angle. Contracting your core and glutes, slowly lower down to chair height, and then slowly press back up to your starting position. How does this movement differ from your typical barbell squat? It provides an emphasis on your inner thighs, which over time will create definition in an area that most people don't think about.

LOATHE: Box Jumps. I injured myself a few years ago performing these on a metal framed box. I literally left skin from my shin on the box frame! I finally started box jumping again earlier this year, but l only use a foam plyo box.

She Said:

LOVE: I love anything that tightens my tummy and strengthens my core, so when I recently learned about the Walrus Walk, I became a little obsessed with it.

Start in a high plank position with your toes on sliders.Turn your hands out at a 90 degree angle (like walrus flippers) and pull yourself along by walking them forward. If you want to make it more challenging, add a resistance band around your wrists. You can also do this with small towels under your feet if you don't have sliders.

LOATHE: Burpees. Like most people I absolutely HATE them. It's not so much the difficulty as the fact that all that going up and down gives me a headache.