He Said:


The Love Bomb by Nico Tortorella

If there is one topic we can all relate to it's 'love'. Whether you're single or in a relationship, there is something for you to learn by listening to this podcast. Nico is a sexually fluid, cisgender man who loves talking to people about their experiences with love in all its different forms. He interviews people who have touched his soul, and gets their views on sexuality, gender, relationships, religion, and of course, love. You can watch Nico on the show “Younger,” which is where I first learned about him. You might also enjoy his recently released poetry book titled, “All of It is You,” which provides great insight into his soul.


Getting Curious with Johnathan Van Ness

What I love about Jonathan's podcast is that (as the name suggests) every episode features a different topic that he's curious about. He's interviewed musical artist LIZZO to chat about body image, Professor James Nieh to discuss the recent decline in the bee population, and Veteran Lindsay Burnett who spoke about her experiences in the military as they relate to the #MeToo movement. Every episode is only 30 minutes long, and each topic is very different. But what is consistent is Jonathan's infectious and fun personality. If you're curious and want to get to know more about him, you can check him out on the revival of “Queer Eye” on Netflix.


Unqualified by Anna Faris

If you've ever watched the movies, “Waiting,” “Scary Movie,” or “House Bunny,” you know how quirky and hilarious Anna is. She shares her sense of humor with us every week during interviews with some of Hollywood's biggest names like Kelly Clarkson, Macaulay Culkin, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, and Allison Janney. She discusses real life topics, plays fun games like “Deal Breakers” with her guests, and always ends the episode with a call to a fan to offer “unqualified” advice on life and love. If you're looking for a good laugh or need a reminder to not take life so seriously, you've got to give it a listen.

She Said:


The GOOP Podcast

I have a love/hate thing with Gwyneth Paltrow. She’s kind of like a train wreck that I can’t look away from because she generally seems so out of touch with reality ($200 Moon Dust Smoothie anyone?). But on the flip side, I am a little obsessed with her style---and her line of bath soaks. So when she launched a podcast AND had Oprah as her first guest, well hell yeah I’m gonna’ listen—if only to roll my eyes a little. But honestly, once I tuned in, I found myself hooked. Sure it’s a little self-serving (because, well, it’s Gwyneth) but the topics are generally interesting and surprisingly relatable. Check it out.


WTF With Marc Maron

So Marc Maron is a comedian who has been airing podcasts since before podcasts were cool (2009 to be exact). I only recently discovered him, thanks to a girlfriend who has been listening to podcasts since before podcasts were cool—lol! The list of celebrities he has interviewed is impressive and ranges from Neil Patrick Harris, to Sharon Stone, Jennifer Lawrence and even President Barak Obama. Maron seems to have a knack for getting people to open up, and the conversations offer glimpses into the private sides of public figures that you might not otherwise see. The candid, casual tone makes you feel like you are hanging out in your living room, chatting with your best friend. Definitely worth a download.



I stumbled across this one by accident when it was featured on an Instagram account I follow---and now I can’t stop listening. The ridiculously photogenic husband and wife team of Dr. Adi and Sophie Jaffe cover all the topics you want to talk about in regards to relationships—including the topics you are scared to talk about, or those considered “taboo.” Even if you’ve never experienced the same challenges this couple has faced, their honesty about their issues makes it easy to connect with them. In addition to the podcast, Adi and Sophie offer events and workshops designed to help “men, women, and couples find their true purpose and light.” If nothing else, it might make you feel REALLY good about your own relationship issues.