Smelleze Deodorizer Pouch

For an eco friendly alternative that removes odors without leaving fragrance behind, try these reusable, chemical-free, odorless pouches. Just toss in your bag for a breath of fresh air. Available on

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Stretch Athleisure Spray

A spray a day keeps stink away. Stop odors at the source by spraying your sweaty clothes with Stretch before tossing them into your bag. Specially formulated to prevent and eliminate unpleasant smells, it’s perfect for when you can’t get your clothes to the wash immediately. You can also use it to de-funk hats, yoga mats, and more. Available at or, if you are in San Antonio, you can find it at JoyRide Cycling Studios.

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Arm & Hammer™ Munchkin Nursury Freshners

You can’t beat baking soda for eliminating odors, but dumping the powder into your bag isn’t really practical. These no-nonsense deodorizing discs from Arm & Hammer are a better solution. Tiny but tough, they do the trick with a clean scent. Available at Target.

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Emoji Sneaker Balls

Not only will you find these in my cycle shoes and sneakers post class, but I also keep a couple rolling around in my gym bag. Easy to use, you simply twist them open and let the clean, fresh scent fill the air. Plus, the emoji design makes me smile ☺ Available at Academy Sports.

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Dryer Sheets

Sometimes you can’t beat the basics. When you’re in a pinch, toss a dryer sheet into your gym bag or tuck one into your sneakers to help with unpleasant odors. Find them at any grocery or drug store.