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I'm Just Wanting You To REACT

Nothing puts more pep in my step than when I get to put on a new pair of athletic shoes so when NIKE released their new React Infinity Run Flyknit shoe I knew I had to get a pair!

I'll admit the first thing that caught my eye is how beautiful the sneaker is designed, I love the white base color and the use of the salmon and gray accents. The women's version seen below in pink is also stunning---there are a variety of other colors but these two are my favorite.

After doing some research I noticed the wider base of support that's under the ball of the foot, I have bunions so this is a major plus. Often times the soles of sneakers are not as wide as the upper portion of the shoe which can lead to instability, however this design has resolved that issue.

According to the NIKE website this shoe is designed to help reduce injury by providing more foam and improved upper details that provide a secure and cushioned feel. After wearing these around town and the gym I agree they're very comfortable and don't bother my feet.

I've received a lot of positive reactions from people saying they love the design and are curious about their performance---overall I'd give them a 4/5. I haven't hit the trails with them but I've used them on a treadmill and I've had nothing but smooth runs.

Below you'll find specific details about the shoe's performance from NIKE's website. If you have a pair let me know what you think, I'm sure you'll have a positive reaction!

A Lightweight Fit

An all-new version of Flyknit is stronger and more durable than previous versions. Lightweight and flexible, it features 3 distinct layers to help keep your foot secure.

A Stable Feel

Higher foam stack heights provide a softer feel. A wider shape provides a more stable ride, helping release energy with every step.

A Smooth Ride

The shape of the Nike React foam midsole provides support for the 3 phases of a runner's stride. It helps create flexibility at toe-off, a smooth ride at mid-stance and cushioning at contact.

More Benefits

  • Less material in the shoe means you're closer to the foam, creating a softer, more responsive experience.
  • Increased rubber at the outsole helps deliver traction and durability.
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