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Made To Help You Flourish

Saying I have an obsession with athletic shoes is an understatement. I love them because they serve as a way for me to express my personality and how I'm feeling that day. Some of my favorite brands include NIKE, Converse & NOBULL.

Last December I made the plunge into the world of NOBULL and it's one of the best decisions I made. They have a variety of shoes that include trainers, lifters and shoes for running. In addition to being constructed well they offer A LOT of different colors, textures and patterns for everyone.

They just introduced a new line called the "Floral Collection" inspired by Jared Stevens, a floral shop owner who believes in the universal love language of flowers and his ability to share their beauty with the world. His passion for flowers and fitness inspired this line to be created.

Y'all know I already order a pair or two (who's counting?) of shoes from this line. Because of my background in landscape architecture and fitness I feel like these are made for me! If you haven't checked out my Insta page dedicated to plants please do HERE.

NOBULL shoes tend to sell out quickly so check out this new line and grab yourself a pair...or two!

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