Where We Go


Mission Trails

When we’re in the mood for a longer ride with a few rolling hills to challenge us, we like to hit Mission Trails. The stretches along the San Antonio River are beautiful, and there aren’t many sharp turns or blind spots. The trails are wide so you don’t have to worry too much about other riders, and it usually isn’t too crowded.

leon creek.jpg

Leon Creek Greenway

This is our go-to trail when we just want to log some miles. We pick it up at the Drury Inn on IH 10 and ride it 24 miles out and back. Although it’s a flat trail, it is narrow and can get crowded. Plus there are a lot of sharp turns and blind spots—so you have to pay attention. But it’s a really easy ride and a great place to work on speed and endurance.

What We Take


Outdoor Tech Buckshot 2.0 Speaker

If I had to choose between my snack or my speaker, I’d choose my speaker. I can always get a snack at the next rest stop—but I can’t ride without music. These tiny rechargeable speakers produce a big sound for up to 20 hours, and are easy to strap to your handlebars. Simply pair it to your phone or other Bluetooth device and crank up the tunes. $39.95 at www.rei.com.


GoodR Sunglasses

We know they are designed for runners, but we like them for cycling too. In fact, we probably have a dozen pairs between us. We love the way they stay put while we sweat, and the wide variety of bright, fun colors just makes us happy ☺ Plus, at just $25-$35 a pair, if we happen to lose them, it’s not that big a deal. Find them locally at Fleet Feet Sports or order online at www.playgoodr.com.

phone pouch.jpg

Bikase Beetle Top Tube Stem Phone Bag

Because you can’t take your purse on a bike, there are bags like this one to hold all your essentials from wallets to keys, snacks, and other small items—like lipstick! Your phone goes on top, and the screen is both protected and accessible through the clear window. Attaches easily to top tube or stem. $29.99 at www.rideawaybicycles.com.


Bontrager Flat Pack

Because blowouts happen when you least expect it, you need a repair kit. We like this one from Bontrager because it has everything you need to get you back in the saddle, including a coupon for a free tube, all in one convenient pouch that straps to your bike. $49.99 at www.trekbicyclesuperstore.com


Camelbak Podium® Chill ™ 21 Water Bottle

We love our Hydro Flasks, but the hard sides aren’t that easy to grip while riding. We like this lightweight, squeeze bottle for the fact that it’s easy to grab with one hand, it has a wide mouth for easy refilling, and it features double-wall construction to keep your drink super cold. $13 at www.camelbak.com.


*No bike? No worries! Check out San Antonio’s bike sharing system SWell Cycle. With several docks around town, it’s easy to rent, ride, return, and repeat using the convenient mobile app. Check them out at www.swellcycle.bcycle.com.