Mindful Beauty For An Acitive Life

One of the challenges of being an active individual who sweats more than anyone he knows is making sure I keep cool and odor free as I move from the gym, to the office, to the cycle studio. I usually have time to shower between sessions but there have been a few occasions where there isn’t enough time. So what’s a sweaty guy to do other than change clothes and pray he doesn’t leave a trail of undesirable smells behind him? He uses a variety of body wipes and sprays to cover it up!

As I was wondering the isles of Target looking for ways to spend my money I came across a set of products that peaked my interest--- a line called “YUNI: Mindful Beauty For An Active Life”. They’re a natural skincare and body product line that focuses on creating products that are convenient and portable designed to save time, restore health and relieve stress for active individuals.

They had a nice selection of products that included aromatic body sprays, body wipes and creams. However I wanted to get the best bang for my buck so I picked up their “Beauty On The Run Travel Kit” for $29, it contains their shower sheets, hand/body cream, no-rinse body cleansing foam and a calming aromatherapy mist. I figured this would give me a good selection of products to try out without making a big commitment.

I put this kit to the test after two separate workouts, a 90 minute strength training session and a 45 minute hot yoga class. I can say with confidence that the kit impressed me, specifically their shower sheets and no-rinse body cleansing foam. Most foam cleansers and body sheets that I’ve used left a residue on my skin and hands that leaves me feeling anything but clean. The foam absorbed my sweat quickly and left a nice clean smell.

The biodegradable shower sheets were my favorite because they are about the size of a hand towel, 12” x 10” (IN) and completely covered my body with one wipe. My skin felt smooth, clean and it took away any smells I had. The kit came with three wipes but I quickly bought an additional 12 pack for $15.

Overall I’m very happy with my purchases and I like that the company is cruelty-free, gluten-free and does not test on animals, only humans. They use 100% all natural aromas and their products are created in a solar powered facility---impressive!

They have a ton of other products that I’m excited to try out so make sure you check them out online or at your nearest Target.