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Mixx Like a Pro!

During my last shopping trip to Target I came across an item that really piqued my interest. What I found was a protein powder bottle shaker that had a built-in battery operated mixer---I can't even explain to y'all how excited I was!

I've been drinking protein shakes since college and I've probably owned at least 50 different types of blender bottles---NONE of them had a built-in mixer. If you've ever used a blender bottle you know how annoying they can be. There are some that come with a filter under the lid and others have a metal wire whisk, both are intended to catch powder that didn't dissolve and end up gathering into large clumps. Let me say, it's very unsettling when you take a big gulp of your shake and you feel a big ball of protein enter your mouth. No matter how many different ways I've tried to mix up the powder (water first then the mix and visa versa) I'm left with clumps and/or protein stuck to the bottom of the bottle.

I of course had to try this product out, and to my delight it didn't disappoint! The MiiXR AA by PROMiXX comes with three parts that are easy to assemble, but don't forget to pickup a pair of AA batteries! The beauty of this product is that the built-in mixer complexity eliminates any clumping and creates a really smooth drink. You can buy this on Amazon or from the PROMiXX website for $25. The high end bottle mixers with a whisk can run up to $30 so I'd much rather own one that guarantees there will zero clumps when I take a sip.

PROMiXX has a variety of other blenders that include some that are rechargeable, stainless steel and can charge your phone---what's not to love about this product?! If you're an avid protein shake drinker or know someone that is, I highly recommend you look into this. The price point is right, it does its job and it fits easy into any gym bag or car cup holder.