No Strings Attached

For the past three years I've used Beats Powerbeats wireless earphones to deliver the soundtrack for my workouts. What I love most about them is the sound quality---it's very clear and delivers a great balance of bass and treble. However, what I don't like about them is the overall durability. Within less than three years I've had to purchase two new sets because they fell apart.

When my second pair of Beats gave out, I started researching alternatives, including true wireless earphones with no strings holding the earbuds together.

I first researched AirPods by Apple. I'd seen people wearing them around the gym and they had fairly good reviews online. But then I came across another product that beat the AirPods when it came to sound quality reviews of wireless sound systems---the Jabra Elite Active 65t earphones.

Since I'm a snob when it comes to sound quality I had to try these out. Unfortunately you can't try on earphones without buying them, so I took a chance and picked up a pair.

After wearing them for a week in and out of the gym, I can say that I'm very pleased with their overall durability, quality of sound and fit. Here are a few of my favorite product highlights:

1. The earphones are a true inner-ear headset that fit very well and come with three different sized silicone ear gels. Some people do not like inner-ear headsets because they either fall out or start to hurt their ears. Personally I love them and haven't had any issues with them. The headsets stay firmly & comfortably in place without the use of a wire or strap around the outer ear.

2. They sound quality is great --and dare I say better than the Powerbeats because you can customize the sound through the Jabra phone app. The app allows you to manually adjust the bass, treble, mid-tones etc. based on your personal taste. No longer are you stuck with the manufacturer's settings--you have options!

3. Each pair of earphones comes with a charging case that provides 15 hours of play time. The case will automatically charge your earphones every time you place them inside. As long as your case is charged you'll never be without music!

4. If you're like me and often forget to charge your earphones you can use Jabra's "Rapid Charge" and get 1.5 hours of play time in just 15 minutes of charging.

5. Turning the earphones on and off is so simple, all you have to do is pull them out of the case or put them back in. They automatically detect when they're in use.

If you own wireless earphones let me know what you like and don't like about them in the comments section. I'm also still very curious about the AirPods, and I'd love to hear more about your experiences with them.

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