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Review: Altra Provision 4 Running Shoe

After running the "Pacific Northwest Marathon" last year I took a few months off to let my body heal from the stress of training and running the event. Well that break ended up lasting longer than I thought, I lost the desire to run because I was focused on gaining back the muscle mass I lost during training.

Thankfully my desire to run came back at the beginning of the pandemic when we were stuck at home, I think A LOT of us started running again during that time! Luckily I've kept it up with a manageable goal of 4 to 5 miles a week. Running has always served as a great method of cross-training in conjunction with cycling and strength training.

With all of the running I was doing I needed a new pair of shoes so of course I turned to one of my favorite shops Fleet Feet. Since I'm flat footed and have bunions I need a shoe that's structured with good support and comes in wide, you can imagine how limited my options are.

We tried a few different shoes but I settled on a brand I hadn't heard of, Altra. Out of all the shoes I've worn to run in these are by far the most comfortable. This shoe checks off every one of my requirements---a lot of cushion, support, good stability & it has a wide toe box. Even with all the cushion every time my foot touches the ground, or treadmill, it makes a solid connection with no lateral shifting---their "Guardrail" and "Innovarch" technologies are responsible for this.

My favorite aspect of the shoe is their "Footshape Toe Box", it's wide enough to allow my toes to spread and stretch. It also provides enough space that my bunions do not touch the side walls of the shoe which is a big plus!

When I first put them on I did think the front of the shoe looked a bit chunky but its comfort and fit out weigh that judgement. When you compare the wide toe box to competitors like Hoka it's not bad.

I've been running and walking around town with these for over a month and I still love them. All you need to do is slip them on with a pair of Balega running socks are you're good to go!

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