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Review: Nike SuperRep Indoor Cycling Shoe

If you've ever taken an indoor cycling class you know how fast paced, sweaty and hot they're---there's something exhilarating about feeling your heart bump to the beat of your instructors tracks. But before you can sprint to your favorite Britney song you need to be connected to the bike with a good pair of cycling shoes.

After four years with my last two pairs of cycling shoes and putting them through countless sweaty classes, I decided it was time to invest in some new kicks. Luckily Nike was coming out with a new line that I was excited to try.

I'm not sure how many other cycling shoes Nike has debuted but their new "SuperRep" is marketed specifically for indoor cycling. What first caught my attention was the design, it's a low-profile slick looking shoe that stays true to Nike's amazing sense of style. The men's line has a white/black or red/black option while the women's has the same two options plus a third crimson red/pink option that I'm obsessed with!

Not only does the shoe look good but it performs well. One of my favorite attributes is the large section of mesh at the top AND on the sole of the shoe, it lets your feet breathe which is a great perk when you're working out in a hot studio with other athletes. The shoe is extremely light which was a big change for me in comparison to the bulky mountain biking shoes I had been using. Even with it being so light once I was clipped in it felt solid and stable.

A lot of new indoor cycling shoes are providing a flexible base similar to a running shoe to create an easy transition from the studio out into your daily activities. It sounds great but I don't believe this kind of base gives you the proper support needed for the type of choreography typically done in cycling classes. I'm glad Nike stayed true to traditional cycling shoe design and kept a rigid base under their shoe, it provides a solid and supported ride with extra cushion under your heels and toes.

I also appreciate the way they designed the access straps for the shoes, with one swoosh you can loosen up the velcro strap and slip you foot in and out with ease---the foot opening is wide so you don't have to struggle getting them on when you have a few minutes to get ready before class starts.

Overall I'm very impressed with this new line, so impressed that I ordered a second pair with a different color! Nike has a history of making exceptional shoes both in design and construction so I'm glad this shoe continues in that tradition. Make sure you grab a pair soon, they're selling out fast!

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