Secrets to Keeping The Weight Off!

Losing weight is a topic of conversation that comes up almost every day. Whether we are counting our calories or researching the next big trend in fad diets, we all want to know how to get the pounds off. But losing the weight is only half the battle! Keeping it off is where things can get tricky!

A good place to start is by changing your language. Start removing words like ‘diet’ and ‘cheat day’ from your vocabulary and replacing them with more positive phrases like ‘healthy lifestyle’ and ‘balanced life.’ By changing the way you speak you are changing the way you think, and reinforcing that the work you put in is a reflection of a permanent lifestyle change rather than a quick fix.

The article 'This is What People Who Keep Weight Off Know that You Don't' on Elite Daily offers five secrets to not only losing weight, but keeping it off. My favorite is #3. Share your secrets for keeping pounds away in the comments below.