Struggling With Your At Home Workouts? Me Too!

I've never been the type of person who enjoys working out at home, I always say I have to be in the element of what I'm doing to do it successfully. It's the same reason why I'll drive to a coffee shop to study or hit up a popular trail for a run---it's almost impossible for me to have the same level of commitment and passion when doing these things at home. Unfortunately with the restrictions put upon us due to COVID-19 I have no choice but to workout at home.

When I attempted my first few home workouts I ended each one feeling disappointed & frustrated. I was trying to recreate what I did at the gym, workout hard for a solid 60+ minutes while sweating buckets and riding the endorphin high for the rest of my day. Well that same formula just wasn't working for me at home. I found myself taking a lot of breaks, my energy level remained low and the fear of what was going to happen to my body kept circulating in my mind. I knew this was not good for my mental health so I took a day off to try and restructure my thinking and get my head and heart back in the game.

What I noticed was that I was hitting a wall at the thirty minute marker of my workouts, it's when my focus really started to drift and I was feeling less enthusiastic. So I took that as a sign and started to create 30 minute circuits and brake up my workouts. For example I will go for a 30 minute run or take a JOY class on Forte in the morning and then during my lunch or right after work I will challenge myself with a 30 minute body circuit. This new formula started to work because it gave me things to looks forward to throughout my day. If I'm feeling really good then I'll combine them back to back but my daily goal is to keep them separated, if I feel like pushing through for a full hour that's an added bonus. Knowing that I "only" have thirty minutes makes me push harder and helps me stay focused.

Now if you are thinking "I have no idea how to plan my workouts?" no worries, plenty of studios including JOYRide are hosting FREE classes on their Instagrams. So whether you want to get your heart rate up or you're in need of a deep stretch you have options! This is the perfect time to explore different studios and see what works for you. I also have a weekly email blast where I share a variety of workouts you can perform at home with limited equipment, let me know if you'd like to be added!

I also create Spotify playlists that I share every Wednesday on my Instagram to keep me motivated, there's nothing like a a banging playlist to get your heart pumping. There's a tab labeled Spotify under my bio so you can access previous playlists.

Things are challenging right now and it's easy to sit it out and throw yourself a pity party, trust me I've thrown a few. But what good does that do you? Start small and go for a daily walk and be proud of your accomplishments. It may feel like you're starting over but don't let the fear trump the JOY you have the power to create. You are strong enough to do this.