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Superstore Smart Snacks

Y'all know I love to eat so when I find new snacks that are healthy and won't leave me & my stomach with a feeling of regret, I get excited. I started a new tradition of stopping by Central Market after my yoga session for two reasons, first to see Kevin and second to go down each isle and hunt for new edibles.

Luckily Central Market has an amazing team of people who are constantly sourcing new products and it doesn't hurt to have Kevin as my personal tour guide. Check out a few of my new faves and let me know if you've tried them and what your thoughts are! Happy hunting! ;)

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Low FODMAP Dark Chocolate Nuts & Sea Salt Bar

I haven't had a Snickers in a very long time but eating this bar brought back all the feels, it's crunchy and the combination of sea salt and dark chocolate make it irresistible to me. I snack on one before I teach or right after to hold me over till I can eat a meal. This bar packs 6 grams of protein at only 210 calories.

Highlight: Lactose and Gluten Free

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Living Intentions Activated SuperFood Cereal Cacao Crunch

I really enjoy adding granola to top off my protein shakes and this cacao infused cereal is a great alternative. It has a good consistency, not too chunky, and is packed with flavor. I did try it as a cereal but felt it was too light and I used more than half the bag. It's not a cheap purchase so I will stick to using it as a topping.

Highlight: Organic, Sprouted & Gluten Free

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Craize Toasted Corn Crisps - Plantain

If you're looking for a delicious alternative to scoop up your favorite guacamole or salsa look no further! Each bag contains six large chips that you break and use for dips, spreads or as its own snack. Central Market has several flavors but this is my fave.

Highlight: Vegan, Soy & Gluten Free & Kosher Certified

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