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The FUN Athletic Brand!

Scrolling through Instagram has turned into a daily ritual that I can't seem to break! In addition to checking up on friends and my favorite celebrities I've fallen victim to their sponsored ads that are coincidently tailored to my interests. Funny how that works right? From new workout equipment to the latest athleisure trends, I seem to click them all!

Recently I came across an ad that caught my attention because it was full of colorful patterns---if you didn't know patterns are my "thing" this season ;) What I discovered is the brand SPRINTS - The Fun Athletic Apparel Brand.

SPRINTS was created by a runner who was tired of the sporting the standard black, gray and white colored athletic clothing that most labels default to for men. You know it's my mission to source out athletic wear that's fun, colorful and allows you to showcase your personal flare---SPRINTS does all of this and more! Their products are not just for men, but for any gender.

SPRINTS offers a variety of products which include running hats, windbreakers and running shirts---I own their "Tropical Jaguars" running hat and LOVE it. Y'all know I sweat like a beast, and this hat not only looks cool but it holds most of my sweat during my 50 minute cycling class. I'm so impressed that I just order a second one!

Even though the hat is made of a light weight material that's flexible, it still holds a nice shape when worn. When I try on running hats they typically lay flat on my head which is not a flattering look. Why can't they be functional AND look great? Well now you have an option that does!

Another fun thing about SPRINTS is that they get you involved in the pattern selection process for their products. Each month they showcase a few different prints and patterns that you get to vote on. How cool is that?

I'm a big fan of this brand because they're creating their own niche in the athletic market and they created a product to solve a problem that many of us have. It's fun to wear products that not only perform well but allow you to display a bit of your personality and uniqueness. I'm excited for SPRINTS future and I can't wait to see what new patterns and pieces they add to their collection!

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