Turning Up The Heat!

After a week of teaching cycling classes, along with several personal training sessions, my legs were in need of some serious rest and recovery. I have recently discovered the benefits of cryotherapy, thanks to my good friend and fellow cycling instructor Heather O'Neill, owner of CryoFit - Alamo Heights. I'm a big fan of the cryo-chamber and compression boots, but this weekend I had the chance to try something different: infrared therapy.

At CryoFit Alamo Heights, the delivery of infrared therapy comes in the form of a heated sauna (pictured to right). This state-of-the-art, cedar wood room is roughly 48" x 48" with glass doors and a glass ceiling. You can relax in compete silence, or take advantage of the option to sync your phone and enjoy your favorite jams while you get your sweat on.

I've tried saunas before and could only handle them for about 10 minutes because of the intense conditions. I'm used to stepping in and being greeted with a blast of dry heat and feeling my heart rate immediately begin to rise---that's when the 10 minute countdown begins! But what I noticed when I stepped into the infrared sauna was that even though the temperature was set to approximately 140 degrees, the heat felt comfortable on my skin. Sure it was hot, but my body was able to gradually adapt to it and my heart rate stayed relatively consistent. I did sweat a lot, but it was at a much slower pace than I expected. The heavy water works didn't start until after about 10 minutes. The sessions range from 15-30 minutes long, and I was able to comfortably make it to the full 30 minute mark.

During my 30 minute session I was able to zone out and fully relax--I actually almost dozed off a few times! When the session was complete I expected to feel sleepy, groggy and in dire need of water--- but what I felt was AMAZING! My entire body was relaxed and I felt focused.

For those of you who are claustrophobic, the glass doors and ceiling provide some relief and I had almost enough room to comfortably lay on my back with my legs slightly bent. Another really cool and comforting feature is that you have the ability to turn off the heaters at any point during your session if it gets too hot. Here are a few more photos of the sauna from the manufacturers website: Sauna Photos and Stats.

This may be one of my new favorite tools. You are in and out in under 45 minutes, it's affordable, and the benefits are great. Give my girl Heather a buzz at (210) 375-9087 and try it out---tell her I sent ya! ;)

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