Viva Moderation!

If you’re from San Antonio you know that FIESTA is a REALLY big deal! For two weeks the city celebrates the culture of San Antonio with parades, fairs, shows and parties every day/night of the week---it’s the perfect time of year to show your SA pride!

We want everyone to go out and experience what our beautiful city has to offer, but we want to make sure you do it responsibly--and we want you to have an idea of what you’re getting into. With so many different and delicious foods and beverages served at these events, it can be easy to overindulge. We picked six of the most common Fiesta treats, and provided you quick stats on the nutrition content. Keep in mind the typical male needs between 1,800 to 2,300 calories per day and a women needs between 1,500 - 1,800.

As we always say, everything is good in moderation. So go out and have some fun, but keep in mind what you’re putting into your body. You have been working hard all year long to develop good eating habits and create a consistent workout regimen--- don’t blow it over a few too many fried oreos & margaritas!


Deep-fried Oreos resampled.jpg

Deep Fried Oreo

  • Serving: One

  • Calories: 150

  • Fat: 10 Grams

  • Sugar: 7 Grams

  • Protein: 1 - 2 Grams


Funnel Cake w/ Powder Sugar

  • Serving: One

  • Calories: 760

  • Fat: 9 Grams

  • Sugar: 44 Grams

  • Protein: 12 Grams


Giant Smoked Turkey Leg

  • Serving: One

  • Calories: 1,100 - 1,200

  • Fat: 52 Grams

  • Protein: 152 Grams


Margarita On The Rocks

  • Serving: 12 Ounces

  • Calories: 680

  • Sugar:14 Grams


Beef Chalupa w/ Lettuce, Tomato, Beans & Cheese

  • Serving: One

  • Calories: 300

  • Fat: 15 Grams

  • Protein: 13 Grams


Strawberry Raspa

  • Serving: One w/ 2 Ounces of Syrup

  • Calories: 70 - 90

  • Sugar: 18 - 20 Grams